Minimums Gift Guide

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Dick Santoku knife

There’s nothing more important in your kitchen than a good sharp knife. I replaced my standard 8” chefs Knife with this 7” Santoku knife. I use it for nearly everything. It’s very versatile, well balanced, and keeps a really sharp edge. I also quite love the styling on the handle, and their arrow logo.” – James Bolenbaugh

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Le Labo Candles

I travel to NYC quite a bit and usually stay at the Ace Hotel.  Every time I walk in, the smell gives me a very welcoming feeling.  I found the company that was hired to create their scent which was conveniently located on the same block. The company was Le Labo and now I brought a similar experience to my apartment.” – Baldwin Cunningham

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Cast Iron Bottle Opener

While Borough Furnace is known for their advancements within the cast iron revival, this little opener carries the same level of design ingenuity as their signature skillet. It fits perfectly in the hand and has a nice, even feel as you crack open a refreshing beverage.” – Kyle Mosholder

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Yellow 108 Hat

I love a great hat, from frolicking in the sun to going on a grand adventure, and best of all, these beauties are made in the USA from salvaged materials. I love the color and feel of this one, and tend to wear this style a lot.”Flynn Coleman

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Prince Comic Book

After many failed attempts, Mick finally found a comic that I could get into! I’m a huge lover of any and everything Prince. The day he passed Mick immediately went online and found this to cheer me up a bit. It’s so cool, but not cool enough to get me into comics.”Mick & Rana

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Logo Modernism Book

I just bought this book a few months ago and just the thought of not having it close by my working area makes me shiver. A masterpiece by Jens Müller and Julius Wiedemann that summarizes the ‘visual birth of corporate identity’.”Rikard & Diana

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Brass Ring

“Neither my husband nor I have ever understood the pomp and circumstance around weddings, much less the expense of wedding rings. These rings are our second set of bands, replacements for the first that we grew tired of. We liked that Marmol Radziner, a group of California-based architects and designers, decided to design jewelry after they couldn’t find something that they liked. These bands are brass and over time, they have a different patina depending on the wearer: Mine is shiny and Ian’s is rough and matte. They cost $85 each so should we lose them, we can just order another because hey, it’s the love that is forever.” – Eva Goicochea

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Burberry London

Through college, I spent my summers in Alaska working on a small commercial salmon boat called The Shiloh. When we weren’t on the boat, I shared a campsite with friends who worked on other boats. The work is about as exhausting as you would imagine, and the smell is often worse. So when I got my crew-share at the end of my first year, the first thing I did was buy a bottle of Burberry London. I had to hitchhike to a store to do it and then wrapped it in a dirty coat to keep it from breaking on the rest of the trip.”Collin Garrity

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Frieling French Press

“I’ve broken too many glass French Presses to count. This one is going on 6 years, and I’ve never once regretting spending the extra money on it. The double walled stainless steel keeps coffee warmer than my old glass ones, and it can stand up to my klutziness.” – Angela Hoang

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Viking Glass Vases

The Viking Glass Company of New Martinsville, West Virginia created my collection of beautiful glass vases between 1944 and 1970. I started collecting them during weekly visits to swap meets in San Diego and L.A about 15 years ago and I am still always on the look out. The deep blues, reds, and greens together with their unique shapes have always been a great conversation piece and works nicely into the aesthetic of our apartment.”Shlomo Lipetz

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Forever Spin Top

My friend, and fellow Minimums alum, Jeff Sheldon told me about these cool spinning tops he’d seen on Kickstarter. I missed out backing their campaign, but was able to order a few of them from their website. When the idea for came to me, I knew I wanted to send a physical gift to the folks who purchased. I sent all 165 buyers their own Forever Spin Top in stainless steel, and they’ve enjoyed having them on their desks as much as I do.” – Jason Zook

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Mazama Wares Mug

My boyfriend and I are total coffee nerds and my family makes fun of us for it. The coffee shops we go to are the kind where the baristas glare at my dad for asking for half-and-half. My sister got me this fancy mug for my fancy coffee for my birthday. It’s handmade with natural materials and I think it’s really well done. I use it every day!” – Joe and Zoë

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Tessel Backpack

I love my backpack from Tessel. I originally found this project on Kickstarter, and fell in love with the geometric ripples in the design. It’s been my primary backpack for 2+ years now, and is the perfect size for a laptop and a few key accessories.” – Rachel Binx

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Vibease is the world’s first smart vibrator bringing fantasies to life with an immersive pleasure experience. I am the co-founder of Vibease and have been working on this startup for over three years. The hardware is a clitoral stimulator that pairs with an iPhone or Android app. The device works in sync with the story so when the story gets more intense so do the vibrations.”Hermione Way

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Buddha bag

Tuna was gifted this yummy plush faux-fur bag at a charity event last October by one of his amazing followers and he absolutely adores it! He’s constantly crawling into it to keep himself warm, and we call it his snuggie because he stays snuggled up inside it for hours. Since it’s portable and lightweight, we take it with us everywhere we go!” – Tuna the dog

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Old Nesy. I remember the first time I played Nintendo. My parents took me to visit my aunt and uncle who just purchased one. They sat and talked while I played Super Mario Bros for oh, about 6 hours in the other room. I absolutely didn’t want to stop when it was time to go. Once I was done we discovered that I developed a blister on the BACK of my thumb. What?!” – Craig Benzine

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Shadow Hunters board game

Shadow Hunters is one of my favorite games. It’s a hidden identity game. You play with a game with a team and it’s one team vs the other team. When the game starts nobody knows who’s on who’s team and you have to figure it out as the game goes.” Cat Valdes

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Green Chartreuse

“This herbal liqueur is probably my favorite spirit of all time. It’s also one of the main ingredients in my favorite classic cocktail of all time: Last Word. Even when my palette was non existent 15 years ago, I still remember my instant love affair with Green Chartreuse.

In 1605 a group of Carthusian Monks were given a secret manuscript that was revolutionary for its time. Containing 130 different herbs, roots, and plants, it quickly become one of the most prized and sought after spirits. It’s popularity led to a second version that was created in 1764….which contained sugar and brought down the proof to a more manageable 110. I’d like to say it’s a metaphor for who I am (multi-faceted, mysterious, profound depth, timeless), but it’s really only because I think it’s delicious.” – Adam Frager

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Wonderwoof Bowtie

The WonderWoof BowTie was invented for my dog, Whisky, because he was overweight. Now since using the BowTie he’s been able to maintain a healthy weight which can extend his life up to 2 years. When Whisky wears the BowTie it also tells me in real time if Whisky is sleeping, walking, playing, running, even dreaming. I love staying connected to my furbaby, and making sure he is getting the proper amount of exercise for his size, breed and age.”Betsy Fore

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Global Chef's Knife

Best knife ever. Looks good and cuts well. Not sure what more you could want from an everyday kitchen knife. I bought this for my mom as a gift, but she refused it for superstitious reasons, so I got to keep it. I bought another one for a friend who didn’t have any sharp knives in his kitchen. About a month later, he told me several people in his kitchen had been victims of the knife. Maybe my mom is right.” – Che-Wei & Taylor

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