Minimums Gift Guide

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Madewell Bag

Mike gave me this Madewell bag for my birthday last year. I like that It’s simple and fits an enormous amount of things in it.”Mike & Molly

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Middle Finger statue

A hilarious reminder to not take work too seriously! I work a lot so on rough days it’s always funny to catch a glimpse of that item.”Jaclyn Johnson

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Esee 6 knife

This is my favorite knife, and one I’ve carried outdoors for the best part of a decade now. As you can see, it hasn’t led an easy life, but has always proved a reliable companion and has never failed to help me start a fire. There’s fancier knives out there, but nothing else is this rugged or just plain useful as this hunk of 1095 steel. I’ll be wearing it when I take my first bear in August; it’s old faithful.” Wes Siler

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Qwstion Bag

“On a business trip to Chicago we were doing some market research of men’s boutique retailers and slipped into this great store, Mankind, in Wicker Park. The Qwstion Bag blends modern style, functionality, and high quality all into one. It’s a little bit pricey but it’s been with me everywhere I go. Everyone and their mother has a Herschel bag, and I did too. I remember taking the elevator in NYC and noticing another person had the exact same Herschel bag as me and with my Qwstion I don’t need to worry about that anywhere I go.”Eric Bandholz

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Bolivian Blanket

I bought this blanket from one of my favorite stores in New York, Collyer’s MansionThe blanket is hand woven of alpaca and is approximately 50 years old.  I obviously appreciate craft and hand made items, so I’m happy to curl up with this blanket when it gets chilly.” – I. Ronni Kappos

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“I based an entire book around Clean Green Drinks and the Vitamix blender passed every test with flying colors. I absolutely recommend this gorgeous blender to anyone looking to boost their health and clean living! So fast, efficient, quiet, and just all-around perfect-o. I blend a green smoothie in here 1-2 x a day. Vitamix and I have donated many machines to charitable organizations and schools and I’ve taught hundreds of students in my classes using these machines. Also preferred by all chefs, we cook using only the Vitamix in professional kitchens. It’s got my A+++ seal of CK approval!” – Candic Kumai

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Peak Bracelet

“I adore this 14K Gold bracelet by Amy Agamemnon. She’s a very talented jeweler who is new to LA from New York where she studied at FIT. Her designs are inspired by and named after architecture. This bracelet is a favorite because the chain, closure, and curved bar are minimal, geometric, and feminine – and gold is my favorite metal.”Jill Aiko Yee

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Livescribe Pen

“In today’s workplace, where nearly every office is essentially a bunch of giant monitors in rows, some people look at me funny when I spend hours with paper and pen. But sketching is at the heart and soul of the creative process. Want an original idea? Draw. When you let all the buzzing and beeping of smartphones and email go, you can just let your mind wander. It’s nice to get away from the screens and think. The thing about Livescribe, which was actually designed in Oakland just miles from where I live now, is that it is actually a computer, so everything I draw is instantly saved and can be easily shared. I love that. It’s the perfect kind of tech that just gets out of the way.”Golden Krishna

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E01 Digital Art

“One of the things that brought me to NYC initially was Electric Objects. I did a collection with them and a residency in their office while working on the series. It’s great to have a company that is dedicated and passionate about the progression of digital art.” – Hayden Zezula

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Danner Boots

“I bought these bad boys at the antique market at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA. I’m always on the hunt for a good deal and killer finds. My boots were well broken in with a nice patina all their own. To me these solid boots embody a spirit of hard work, craftsmanship, and perseverance. These are the qualities I’d like to believe I strive for in life.”Seth Andrew Silver

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Maison Pierson hair brush

“In general, I’m a very frugal person who tends to look for a deal, but when several hairstylists told me about this brush that would change my life, I invested the money and bought one. Literally, it’s true that quality beats cheap. I’ve had it for years and it’s the ONLY brush that I’ve ever owned that doesn’t hurt my head when I brush out the tangles!” – Sarah Dubbeldam

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Ziiiro Watch

I’m not a big fan of huge and expensive watches and never have been. But the when I saw a ZIIIRO watch I knew I had to have one. This one is the Celeste model. I’ve had it for a few years now and absolutely love it. It’s always a really good conversation starter, lots of people ask about it, especially how it works. Sometimes even I forget how it works. It just looks really cool!” – Oliur Rahman

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DNA Canvas Art

“This is from DNA11. I thought it’d be a great art piece to have in my place and a conversation starter. Hardly anyone ever asks. Instead, every time I look at it I think, “shit I have a GIANT ego.” At the same time it keeps me humble to recognize that’s just myself up there and I think it’s pretty colors on a wall.”Noah Kagan

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Adesso Floor Lamp

“I first saw this giant lamp on the desk of an employee at Pixel Corps. It was bent over like a huge Pixar lamp and very comical. I liked it’s style and had to have one. Luckily, it was on Amazon so I ordered it right away. It looks cool almost anywhere I put it and people always ask me about it when they come over.”Chad Johnson

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Fitzroy VX Rucksack

“When it comes to something you use everyday it has to look good and be made to last. Mission Workshop bags are just that ­ made in the US with a lifetime warranty. It’s great for daily use as well as traveling with it’s super clean design and perfect amount of pockets. I’ve taken this bag to Hong Kong, Tokyo, China and all over the US. It’s never let me down.”Sarah & Dan

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Acaia Scale

“Monitors weight, time and flow rate. Ultra-fast 20ms response time and a 10th of a gram sensitivity. And there’s an app for it, so it syncs with your smart phone allowing you to do lots of post brew analysis as well as share your recipes via social media.” – Scott Carey

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Bose headphones

“When I moved to St. Louis, MO last year my work roles had changed dramatically. I was no longer hand-making pillows everyday, but rather could work from anywhere with just a laptop to communicate with my factory, designers and remote employees. These headphones have been a lifesaver and are now indispensable to my normal work routine. When I’m working remotely they’re perfect for turning a noisy Starbucks into a serene library. I use them on planes a lot too, usually unplugged with just the noise canceling switch on. I really didn’t think I’d like them this much, but go figure.”Roberto Hoyos

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Finex Cast Iron

“It embodies a near perfect union of function and form. It’s been thrown into numerous fires for cooking everything from eggs, to searing big old pieces of beef on it, to then being shown off at my shop all cleaned up and polished and it always impresses. It is and will continue to be my go-to cooking pan as it takes whatever I throw at it which is absolutely essential for my lifestyle.”Zeph Shepard

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Hue Lights

“A couple of years ago, my dad gave me a 3-bulb set of Philips Hue Lights. Let me tell you: these things are awesome. You can change your lights to any color you want and, although the novelty wears off quickly (and annoys any women who might share your home), there are several other more practical things you can do with Hue lights. For example, I have the living room lights on a timer, so they turn on in the morning and off at bedtime. I also change the temperature from bright white light during the day to soft orange light in the evening. If you’re struggling to think of a gift for a man in your life, I can almost guarantee he’ll like Hue lights.” – Brock McGoff

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