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The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

This is my new book. I guess this is cheating. But considering it’s my first big book with a publisher and it became a bestseller, it’s a pretty big deal to me. It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet, but I imagine looking back, it will be a milestone in my life.” – Mark Manson

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Pantone Postcards

I use the Pantone Postcards by combining it with photos and fonts found in books or magazines I own to create a story. They’re my own personal mood board which helps me understand what I’m working on and how it fits into other people’s reality. In a way, pantone colors are visual guides to set the tone of a project.” – Nathan Fwamba

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Triangle Photo Holder

“We aren’t big on nicknacks and tend to gravitate towards simple, minimal accessories. This Yield Design Co piece holds an old polaroid of my dad, my grandpa, and I (Will) back when I was fish-sized.” – Will & Ky

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Endangered Species Chocolate

“If chocolate is a vice then this one is mine… or at least the one I’ll cop to.  I’d like to say I buy these to do my part to help the endangered animals of our planet. Truth is, they are just flat out tasty and contributing to a good cause is icing on the cake. I buy them by the carton.” – Jay Lichty

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120 sided die

I love games, dice, and have been playing and running D&D games for years. The D120 is particularly special because while it might not look it at first, it is an object at the extremes of possibility. Created by the Dice Lab it is a kind of mathematical freak. No larger “fair” dice can be made. It has the greatest number of symmetrical faces possible for an icosahedron. A freak of nature, math, and really fun to roll around.” – Dylan Thuras

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Baron Fig Notebook

My notebook is always within arms’ reach. After running through 5 Moleskines in a year, I gave Baron Fig a try. I like to buy from small companies who are fanatical about products – and Baron Fig definitely fits the bill. The Baron Fig team is based in Brooklyn and they’re total nerds about notebooks.  The Confidant opens flat (why can’t all notebooks do this?!) and I like the quality of the paper. I like that it’s a bright color as it doesn’t get lost in my bag as easily.” – Jennifer Chong

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V-60 Pour Over Coffee

A couple years ago we worked with One Village Coffee, a B-Corp certified coffee roaster, and fell in love with their light roast African coffee beans. From that moment on we were hooked on pour over coffee. No matter where we are, every day begins with 800g of coffee in our Hario V-60.” – Mike & Megan

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Productivity Hourglasses

There are a thousand digital productivity apps and “hacks” out there, many of them great, to help you stay on track throughout the day. As nice as some of them are, for me these analog 30 and 5-minute hourglasses (pomodoro method) work beautifully to help get things done.” – Omar Rada

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“Best hair wax in the game, period. I (Ariel) use the level 5 but have dabbled with level 7 in the past.” – Ariel & Lane

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Stablio Point 88 Pen

“I (Dan) have been using these felt pens since college. They are not too commonly found in the US, but I think they are super ubiquitous in Europe. I was first introduced to them (by Tom, in fact), while studying abroad in Germany my junior year of college. I am by no means a pen connoisseur, but I’ve yet to find a pen I like as much.” – Dan & Tom

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Meru Tera Pillow

“Doing a lot of traveling and sitting in uncomfortable positions quickly hurts my lower back. I bought this self-inflating travel pillow as a lumbar support on my last trip to Germany and it makes traveling so much more bearable for me, especially on those 22 hour plane rides from Australia to Europe. I now carry it with me every time I step on a plane (or when I go camping). Germans definitely know how to make quality travel and outdoor gear.” – Kai Brach

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Kurt Vile Vinyl Album

“This was the first new album I ever bought, I loved it that much. It’s truly one of my favorites and the drop-in on the first track, ‘Baby’s Arms’, gets me every time. Just give it a listen.”Jessica Comingore

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All that is solid melts into air

“I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of modernity and how it shapes the world we live in as opposed to our ancestors just a few hundred years ago. We live in such an incredibly unique time within human history to be able to travel around the world in two days and launch spacecraft to the outer edges of our solar system.

Berman examines the earliest seeds of modernity in the Western world through a few historical thinkers and the the times they lived in when masses of people were leaving feudal, agrarian societies to enter the nascent industrial world. I disagree with many of Bermans interpretations, but I think there are incredibly powerful takeaways when we think about society and where we’re going today.” – Cam Robertson

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Courage Pillow

“I was speaking recently with the founder of the My Intent Project, which creates wearable ‘words of intent’, and he asked me what my word would be – a concept that I feel passionately about and want more of in my life. I immediately chose courage, which is a virtue I value extremely highly in others and in myself. Moral courage especially is imperative for me: if I’m not brave enough to stand up for what is right even when doing so is difficult, scary, inconvenient, or painful, then I am not a principled person of integrity – and principled people of integrity are the only people I want in my life.” – Whitney Milam

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STWTS tote bag

“When Stop Telling Women to Smile first started getting attention, people requested merch, so I began designing t-shirts and tote bags. I’m sometimes get asked if carrying this elicits more harassment. It has not, in my experience. I usually get compliments, or folks will recognize that it’s my project and talk to me about it. I carry it pretty often.”Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

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Shark house

“Who doesn’t want a shark house? I’m not sure what else could be cooler. This is my favorite house because my Mom helped come up with the idea and concept design. Of course there is also the fact that it is a little unusual. Normally a cat would eat fish, and now there is a cat sleeping in a house shaped like a fish.”Nala the Cat

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People over profit

“I’m actually not a big reader, but recently I’ve really been enjoying a few books about business, life and the psychology of how we think. My friend Dale recently released this new book “People Over Profit” and it’s a great read for anyone both from a business owner perspective or a consumer perspective. We live in a culture that seems to promote money and growth over everything, but often at the expense of people. So many businesses start with an emphasis on quality and ethics but slowly get sucked into sacrificing their core values in exchange for bigger profits and faster growth. This book is an easy read but is packed with great insight about making decisions to help us lead more socially conscious lives and businesses.”Jeff Sheldon

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Peel Case

Minimums didn’t pay me to put this in here, I promise. I have been through about 6 cases and this case by far has been the best. I have dropped my phone a ton with this case and no shattered or scratched screen.” – Marc Hemeon

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Johnny Carson biography

Some of my first memories are of watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with my Dad. I like that era of celebrities because you didn’t know anything about their private lives. Johnny Carson was at the time one of the most famous people in the country if not the world but at the same time you didn’t know anything about him personally which is basically impossible to do today. It’s also interesting to see the contrast between who he was publicly and privately. Like with a lot of comedians he was very different when he wasn’t on stage which is something that’s always been interesting to me. I don’t read anywhere near as much as I’d like to but this book I definitely made a point to read.” – Scott Pfaff

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Golden Coast Candle

“Ah, my favorite candle. This candle smells like the cool rich scented forests of Oregon on a rainy day. I burn it to remind me of future goals, one of which is to own a farm and chickens deep in the woods where it rains all the time. A girl can dream.” – Tiffany Cole

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