Alex & Mimi Ikonn

Youtube Entreprenuers


Photography by Ben McCann

Co-founders of Luxyhair & Intelligent Change

Alex and Mimi Ikonn create products to solve their our own problems. When Mimi couldn’t find affordable, high quality hair extensions for her wedding, the couple went into business together to create Luxy Hair. Their direct-to-consumer brand took off due to their tireless efforts on Youtube where Mimi would share weekly tips, tricks, and techniques on how to style hair, without selling or promoting her own products. Youtubers loved her warm and giving personality and lack of a sales pitch and the channel has nearly amassed 3 million followers.


When Alex and Mimi struggled to stay focused and productive on their business, they created the Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner as products under the Intelligent Change brand. Again, another product that solved their own problems and empowered others to change their life in a positive way.


So why do so many people love Alex and Mimi? It’s because they believe in bringing value to every person who watches their videos, buys a product, or just follows them on social media. Whether its teaching a person how to style their curls or inspiring them to live a more grateful life, this power couple focuses on how they can help others.


Five Minute Journal


This a very special product for us as we originally created it with our friend UJ to help us maintain and have a positive mindset in life. Mimi and I still use it daily and we can attribute a lot of our success to this daily mindfulness practice. It’s especially nice to use as a couple as we get to reflect on our day before we go to sleep.


Buy Now$23

Canon G7X Mark II


Our businesses have been built with the help of YouTube and this handy camera is our favorite portable camera for the vlogs that we produce for our channels.


Buy Now$679

Productivity Planner


This is another product we’ve created to help us be more productive. The whole idea is combining the Ivy Lee method and Pomodoro Technique in a beautiful high quality planner. It’s very simple, you have a maximum of 3-5 tasks you do in a day with your most important task being the first task you tackle when you work. When you work on tasks you work in pomodoros (25-minute sprints) and take 5 minute breaks. This helps you focus on one task and avoid multi-tasking.

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Hay Pens


For all of these journals and planners you need a beautiful pen. We both really enjoy using Hay Pens which are very stylish and are priced very well.

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Alex: Evernote Wallet


I’ve always been looking for a wallet that fits your cards, cash, and coins but is very slim. This wallet is it, unfortunately Evernote stopped selling it

Mimi: Brellini Umbrella


Since we live in London, an umbrella is a very important accessory to have. I really love our Brellini umbrellas as they are handcrafted in Italy by one of the last remaining artisan umbrella makers in the region. This is another business we’ve co-created with our friends Martin and Susanne from Geneva, Switzerland whom we met by staying at their AirBnb a few years ago. They introduced us to the umbrella and we decided to make a business out of it.

Buy Now$199

Alex: IWC Portugeiser Chronograph


This was a birthday present to myself a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to invest in a timepiece that I could keep for my lifetime and even pass on to a future generation if they still need watches in year 2100. The downside to this watch is now I’ve got the watch bug and keep looking into more watches.

Buy Now$7,600

Mimi: Bingo Theory


A few years ago I’ve had this idea of the importance of masculine and feminine energies within us and how they can help us have a better relationship with your love partner, friends, co-workers, and yourself. I was able to transfer these ideas to this simple book as they have shaped the relationship that Alex and I have.


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