Alexandra Clark

Chocolate Connoisseur


Photography by Kevin Wolf

Founding Chocolatier at Bon Bon Bon

Dressed in her Motor City-inspired jumpsuit and signature bandana, Alexandra Clark is the founding chocolatier at Bon Bon Bon, the first artisan chocolate shop to open in Hamtramck, in the heart of Detroit in 40 years.


Alexandra spent eight years traveling around the world learning and honing her craft before opening her first store at the age of 26. Along with her internationally trained artisan confiseurs (known as “The Babes Babes Babes”), Alexandra crafts bonbons, thin chocolate boxes with no top and filled to the brim with flavors that range from sweet and savory to classic to bizarre.


Alexandra’s small-craft set up allows her team to quickly experiment, including with other local artisans, and take a bonbon from idea to reality in just a matter of days. Her determined focus on listening to her customers and using quality ingredients has earned her praise from the likes of Martha Stewart, a Forbes 30 under 30 nod, and has been called one of the world’s best young pastry chefs.

Whiskey Bottle


I found this guy at “Michigan’s Longest Yard Sale” along I94 this summer, he’s been the matchmaker between me & whiskey.


World Map


Now that I’m not moving every six months to study chocolate, I really appreciate this map. Especially when it comes to the ingredients we use or chocolate we source. I guess it just makes all of the wonderful people that we get to deal with seem closer.

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On Food & Cooking by Harold McGeee is better than google.

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Hamtransylvania Sign


My neighbor, who we lovingly refer to as “Crazy Mike” (he prefers “Zulu”…case in point), makes these signs for his annual Halloween party. They’ve made their way around town and around the world.


Vintage Clothing


My parents are great “junkers” and I’ve been collecting vintage hats and glasses since I was a kid. My friends and I used to dress up to go downtown in strange combinations of treasures. Now I go everywhere in strange combinations of treasures!

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Pickled Vegetables


Being a chocolatier, I naturally have more time in the summer and less time in the winter. Pickling is just as functional as it is fun for me. Generally all winter I eat pickles for dinner, if I am even home on time! When you’ve been working in and eating sweets all day, theres nothing better than something crunchy, salty & sour! My favorite are Dilly Beans.

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Jimbo Easter drawings


I love anything that borders on the whimsicle side of creepy, and that’s sort of what Jimbo Easter’s work is all about.

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Patsy Cline picture


My Dad is in a long-standing Rock and Roll cover band called The Aerodogy’s. He listens to mostly bluegrass, blues, and rock and roll. One of his band mates would always have Patsy Cline playing on wax – and it just reminds me so much of a group of people that have become family to our family overtime.

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Lou the dog


Ms. Lou is a second-hand dog from my friend, Ben. She lived for years as a stray in Hawaii. Now she’s my other half. Around town, more people recognize her than recognize me! I think she likes it that way. I like it that way, too.

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Alligator Staple Remover


I first saw one of these at a knick-nack shop in NYC. I wanted to buy it, but $12 seemed steep. Then, I kept thinking about it. For years I wanted one! And finally, I made it back to get one.


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  • Favorite Restaurant: Tamaleria Nuevo Leon
  • Favorite Application: Calculator
  • Favorite Bar: Bumbo's
  • Favorite Drink: Negroni
  • Favorite City: Hamtramck
  • Favorite Hobby: Hangin' with my dog, Ms. Lou

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