Andre Mack

Owner of Mouton Noir Wine


Photography by Liz Clayman


Where to begin? Not only being awarded the prestigious title of Best Young Sommelier in America, and subsequently worked as a sommelier at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry in the Napa Valley, Andre Mack was also on the opening team of the chef’s New York restaurant, Per Se and spent three years as head sommelier there. While winemaking has always been a dream of his, it came to fruition when he set up shop under the moniker of Mouton Noir Wines, with offices in Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York.  His wine lists have received recognition by Wine Spectator, and he has been featured in Food & Wine, Wine & Spirits Magazine, The New York Times, Ebony, The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.


You can also hear his TEDx talk “How To Be A Black Sheep” to get a little more insight to his story.

Antique (1912) Berkel Meat Slicer


I first became smitten with this beautiful piece of equipment when I moved to New York and visited a certain Mario Batali restaurant. I’m a huge fan of prosciutto and other cured meats and always thought what better way to enjoy those than to have my own slicer right in my dining room. I like to call it a functional piece of art.

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Omersa for Abercrombie & Fitch 1950s leather elephant footstool


A tipsy afternoon purchase on 1stDibs; the boys affectionately named him Ernest but I’m considering renaming him Eeyore as much as his tail goes missing around here.

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Stephen Kenn Inheritance Collection Sofa


Ever since I caught a glimpse of this sofa at the Poler store in Portland, I became totally obsessed with its simplicity and design. Comprised of old World War II army fatigues — it brought out the inner army brat in me. It’s durability and comfort make it a must-have with three boys under the age of eight.

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Mouton Noir Wines


Mouton Noir Wine was born in 2007 and fueled by my desire as a sommelier to be closer to wine, longing to be an entrepreneur and my fascination with design. I make the wine in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and then travel across the rest of the country selling, sharing and promoting it.

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Vintage Pork Pie Hat


I love things with patina that are well-worn…it gives them a narrative, if you will. I picked up this cool lid at a vintage store in Portland.

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Antique Louis Vuitton Trunk


I’ve always romanticized about how people traveled back in the day. My favorite way to travel is in a sleeping car on the train.

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Kehinde Wiley Marble Bust


This was the first real piece of art that I’ve ever purchased. A mutual friend arranged for me to pick up this piece from the actual artist. I’ve always been a huge fan of Wiley’s work and his ability to convey the contrast between high and low.

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45-year-old Grape Vine from Hyland Vineyard


This comes from one of the oldest vineyards planted in the Willamette Valley and one of my favorite vineyards to work with.

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Vintage Excedrin Paperweight


This gift given to me by a friend, would come to exemplify all the headaches I would incur being an entrepreneur.

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Bonsai Tree


It’s a way for me to care and nurture something that doesn’t tell me their opinion.

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Haws Watering Can


Well I have to water my bonsai in style!!!

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Trusco Toolbox


I’m in no way, shape, or form mechanically inclined but I feel like every grown-ass man should own a toolbox with tools. I have the toolbox, still trying to find the time to purchase the tools. It has currently been re-purposed against my will as one of kid’s inventors kit.

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Great Modern Artists A-Z Book


Awesome book that helped me learn and teach my kids about meaningful artists and their work.

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Tag Watch


This was a parting gift from Chef Thomas Keller for tenure at The French Laundry and Per Se. It’s a constant reminder of my time spent there and the Chef’s favorite quote “What would you do if failure wasn’t an option?”

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“Bernie for president” mug


My wife’s from Vermont and her first job was working on Bernie’s campaign back in high school. “Feel The Bern!”

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Vintage Silver Duck Casserole Dish


Very little free time exists when I’m on the road traveling — but when I do find myself with a few hours to spare I love to wander, explore and bring back mementos from my trips. This silver duck dish was purchased at a tag sale in Georgetown in between an inebriated brunch and heading to the airport.

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Rimowa Luggage


I spend well over 150 days out of the year traveling on the road for work. The first couple years I was always buying new luggage because nothing handle the rigors of my constant travels. These are indestructible and the more banged up they are, the better they look.

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