Angela Hoang

Fruit Surgeon


Photography by Liz Clayman

Part-time Fruit Surgeon / Photographer

Angela is a master of a unique type of art where she finds her own ideas of elegance and beauty from inspiration in many places: nature, art, and other creative people.  She arranges mostly fruit and flowers in an esthetically pleasing manner and takes photos and occasional videos of displays like anatomical slices of kiwi, framed passion fruit, a constellation of kumquats and star anise, and the innards of horned melons and sumo tangerines. Angela says that “staying curious and maintaining the willingness to learn has been the best way for me to find my own voice. I am always striving to define and refine my point of view. For me, elegance is refinement.”


To follow along with her fruit adventures, check out her Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

Angela Hoang's most interesting possessions & the stories behind each

Heath Plates


Up until a year ago, we lived in a world of $2 IKEA plates. Perfectly serviceable and minimalist, but upgrading to these Heath plates has made a made a huge difference in our daily meals. The plates hold sauce better, and the tactile feel of ceramic just gives me joy.

Shop Now$70+

Silver AF Vandevorst shoes


I’ve had these shoes for 10 years, and they are still one of my favorites. I’ve worn them out dancing into the wee hours of the night, then walked a mile home afterwards without completely murdering my feet. I’ve collected quite a few more pairs since my first, but these are still my favorite. And silver is a neutral, right? Silver goes with everything.

Buy Now$765

Cream blush


It all started with one RMS lip2cheek. Now I’ve got more than I can possibly use, and I STILL want more. RMS lip2cheek in Modest and Kevyn Aucoin Tresabella are my current favorites.

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Before it was a line in Only Lovers Left Alive, my husband and I used to joke that he was Motown; I, Stax. Between our combined record collection, we’ve got most genres of Soul and Funk covered. Every time we travel, we come home with records. We always manage to find the record store in whatever town we are in, without actually meaning to. I don’t know how it happens, but I’ve learned to leave room in my suitcase (and bookshelf).

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Frieling Stainless Steel French Press


I’ve broken too many glass French Presses to count. This one is going on 6 years, and I’ve never once regretting spending the extra money on it. The double walled stainless steel keeps coffee warmer than my old glass ones, and it can stand up to my klutziness.

Buy Now$90

Wool tights


I don’t own very many pairs of pants, and the ones I do have, I very rarely wear. Wool tights from Hansel from Basel are my favorite way to stay warm in colder weather. I find wool tights more comfortable and warmer than jeans, anyhow (no wind tunnel effect up the bottoms of your pants!).

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