Branden Harvey

Hopeful Storyteller


Photography by Kelsey Cherry

Photographer / Curator / Podcaster

Branden Harvey likes to focus on the good in the world. So much so, he built a community around empathetic, people-focused storytelling through Instagram and Snapchat. That led him to create a weekly newsletter of stories filled with hope, joy, justice, and love that hold the power to change the world.


His latest venture is Sounds Good, a podcast centered around conversations with hopeful, world-changing people about topics like social justice, mental health, and using your platform for good. His guests have included Scott Harrison of charity: water, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co, Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, and many others.


Follow along with Branden’s stories and projects of good on Instagram.

Letterfolk Board


My wife and I ordered this letter board a few months ago when we moved into our new apartment. We wanted a way to keep our decorations fresh. We update it a few times a week with quotes, mantras, and ideas we’re excited about at the moment. This is a quote from my friend Brad Montague, the creator of the Kid President video series (and one of my former podcast guests!).

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Charity: Water Jerry Can


This hand-painted jerry can was gifted to me by one of my favorite artists Sean Tulgetske in support of one of my favorite non-profits, charity: water. It’s colorful and fun and reminds me of the power of positive action.

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Worn Print  & STiiCKs Magnetic Frame


Judson Collier was one of my first friends when I started visiting Nashville more than 3 years ago. When I moved here we started sharing a studio space at WELD. He’s been releasing a new series of prints every few months and I always pay for them online then just grab them from the shipment in our studio.

Also, STiiCKs make it so easy to switch out artwork as often as I want.

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SOMA Pitcher


I’m a huge fan of the ethos of SOMA. Their design is fantastic and I love that they give back with every purchase.


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Giving Key


The Giving Keys create good looking and meaningful jewelry that provides jobs and opportunities for people who want to transition out of homelessness. In 2016, I picked out a key with the word CREATE. I was getting ready to create some of the biggest projects in my life (podcast and Goodnewsletter). By intentionally picking my word for the year, I was able to focus on living into it specifically.

My word for 2017 is LEAD. In 2016 I created a number of platforms that matter to me and built a community around them. In 2017 I want to lead my audience well.

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AWAY Carry-On


I travel all the time. Last year I flew 48 times domestically (and I didn’t even do the math on international flights). So my suitcase is important to me. I love that my AWAY bag looks good, can handle a beating, and has a built in USB charger for long airport stays.

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We’re So Happy You’re Here Print


Becky Simpson is another one of my favorite artists (and another former podcast guest). When my wife and I decided that we wanted our home to be filled with lots of colors and our friends’ artwork, we knew Becky was the perfect fit. We love this print from her.


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Apple Watch


I got my Apple Watch Series 2 in December and I’ve become obsessed ever since. I quickly learned that data really motivates me, so I use it to track my fitness, water intake, client hours, locations, productivity, and analytics.


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Kindle Paperwhite


My life almost always feels crazy, but I work hard to squeeze a little bit of reading into my day every day— even when I’m traveling. My Kindle has been incredibly helpful. Of course it fits all my books in a tiny device, but it also motivates me to get more reading in by tracking my reading speed and telling me how many minutes I have left in each chapter. Knowing that finishing out a chapter will only take 8 more minutes makes me feel more confident jumping into a book when I have a few spare moments.


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