Candice Kumai

Clean Green Goddess


Photography by Jack Jefferies

Influencer, Leading Wellness Journalist, 5X Author, Chef

Scouted by Elle magazine as “the golden girl of wellness,” Candice Kumai is the best-selling author of 5 cookbooks. She has appeared on Iron Chef America and has collaborated with various brands including The Bar Method, Lululemon, Whole Foods, and Shape Magazine, to name a few. Kumai has dedicated much of her time to philanthropic work; volunteering and mentoring in her community as well as traveling the globe surfing, soul-searching, modeling and researching everything and anything that encompasses health and wellness. She currently resides in New York City.


ABC Home Plates: Jan Burtz


Jan Burtz’ plates are absolute magic. Handmade, local, totally classic. ABC Home is also the spot to purchase handmade and local gifts from artists all over the globe.

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Prada Glasses


I’ve worn them for 5+ years now. These glasses are, well… hey, I may finally be in style. I love the quality and how they’ve lasted with no problem.

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An investment in your beautiful body. I based an entire book around Clean Green Drinks and the Vitamix blender passed every test with flying colors. I absolutely recommend this gorgeous blender to anyone looking to boost their health and clean living! So fast, efficient, quiet, and just all-around perfect-o. I blend a green smoothie in here 1-2 x a day. Vitamix and I have donated many machines to charitable organizations and schools and I’ve taught hundreds of students in my classes using these machines. Also preferred by all chefs, we cook using only the Vitamix in professional kitchens. It’s got my A+++ seal of CK approval!

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Pour over coffee, the best way to go. The Chemex has changed the way I drink. I actually use an herbal coffee in mine; Teeccino, no caffeine jolt necessary. The Chemex also makes for an amazing gift for your friends and better than your Dad’s 80’s electric drip machine!

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Grandpa’s (Jiichan’s) Feathers from Japan


My Japanese Grandfather used to collect these feathers in the park back in Kyushu, Japan; my Mother’s hometown. I cherish them each day as they are on my desk for nostalgic reasons and possibly for good luck.

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Soma Pitcher


Soma, my friend Mike Del Ponte’s company from San Francisco, is crushing it in the world of hydration right now. Not only does my Soma look good on my kitchen counter and keeps me hydrated, but every filter you purchase gives back to charity water. Feel good about where you put your dollar.

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Journey to the Heart


A daily devotional. I purchase this book as gifts for all of my friends and I love the positivity and light Melody Beattie brings into my life. I recommend that everyone have a copy of this beautifully published book. I bought mine used, about 10 years ago, and it’s my most read book still to date.

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Reebok Running/Training Shoes


For traveling to new and exotic destinations, running to my Bar Method class, training, and of course, running out the door for fresh produce, (whilst testing recipes for my upcoming book on Japanese wellness!); these shoes are le best, as they have amazing traction and are super light-weight.

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The Bar Method


I’ve found The Bar Method workout is the number one exercise where I quickly see results. I practice this class about 4-5x a week in SoHo and love my extra firm butt and lean legs! 😉 I highly recommend you trying out this fabulous and totally fit workout, like a queen! Locations, everywhere!

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Canon + Canon 50 mm Lens

Best lens and camera set up for any hobby: Canon Rebel or the new 80D (with video). Loved, and still love my Canons.

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Baachan’s Cups


My beautiful Baachan’s (Japanese Grandmother’s) cups. I use them for genmaicha green tea and green jasmine tea, and even a cup of matcha. She is my grace and I’m always reminded of her when I use these cups. Ain’t no better props than Grandma’s used goods.

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Jade Yoga Mat

I elevate my spirit and mind by keeping a weekly yoga practice, meditating at home, and stretching out the kinks whenever possible. This yoga mat is my key to staying sane in my crazy busy world and living in this city of hustle. It’s easy to travel with; I toss it straight into my suitcase and go.

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