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Founder of Watches & Get-Lucky Essentials


Photography by Liz Clayman

Digital Content Creator, Web Designer, Brand Specialist

A New York-based web designer and brand strategist, Eva Goicochea helps small companies and startups visually communicate their brand with impeccable detail and a minimal eye. On the agency side of her work, her clients have included ADIDAS Y-3, Josie Maran Cosmetics, and her most recent work at Everlane. She doesn’t stop there though. With building over 45 sites on her platform, she is also a SquareSpace Specialist. To view her additional work, head over to her studio.


To add to her list of credentials, she’s also one of the 4 co-founding brains of Tinker Watches; a clean and timeless design without being too serious, thoughtfully detailed without overt branding, attainably priced yet well constructed. With whatever minutes or hours she has seems to have left in her day, she also co-founded Maude, to take the bull$%# out of buying those get-lucky essentials. Definitely a preferable way to spend that extra free time!

Tinker Watch (the prototype)


In 2015, I founded a watch company along with my husband, Ian, and our two cofounders, Grant and Celina. The four of us — a brand strategist, mechanical engineer, copywriter, and graphic designer, respectively — wanted to design a product that was universal and unisex: A clean, timeless, and thoughtfully-designed piece. We’re days away from the first round of watches being here, but this watch, one of the prototypes, will always serve as a reminder of the moment we realized that we had actually built something.

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Marlow Goods Mini Britten (wear that damn thing every day)


I came upon this bag when wandering around the Marlow Goods shop at the Wythe Hotel. Their leather products are simple, beautiful, and I appreciate that the company aims to minimize waste by making them from the hides of animals they use on the menu at their sister restaurants. While small, this bag fits everything you need for a day out: Wallet, chapstick, sunglasses, a small notebook even. It’s my go-to.

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Arrowstone Blackfoot Maize Tea Pot


We found this vintage Japanese Kasuga coffee pot (along with a matching sugar bowl) at our friend’s store, Individual Medley, in Los Angeles. I love the simplicity of its shape and the fact that it really is a size meant for hosting. The truth is, I don’t drink coffee much, but there is something nice about seeing this friendly piece on the counter every morning.

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Photo of my dad


My dad has always had a devil-may-care attitude and this picture so perfectly captures that. It was taken sometime in the 60s or 70s in New Mexico, where I grew up, by his cousin who he paraded around making trouble with. He’s now a tour guide in Japan with that same case of wanderlust and free spirit in his eyes — now hidden behind coke bottle glasses — and he’s replaced smoking for an every-day habit of wearing comfortable white tennis shoes. A reminder that we both change and stay the same.

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Muji Pens


My handwriting has gotten progressively worse in this era of typing and texting, but these pens somehow make me take my time when I do have to write something. I like the quality of the ink and the way the matte plastic feels in my hand. Every now and then, I’ll look down at the Japanese label and wonder what it says. . . Probably something boring, but what if I’m missing something clever or useful like, “Warning: If you chew on this pen, your mouth will forever be stained black.”?

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Marmol Radziner Ring (our wedding bands)


Neither Ian nor I have ever understood the pomp and circumstance around weddings, much less the expense of wedding rings. These rings are our second set of bands, replacements for the first that we grew tired of. We liked that Marmol Radziner, a group of California-based architects and designers, decided to design jewelry after they couldn’t find something that they liked. These bands are brass and over time, they have a different patina depending on the wearer: Mine is shiny and Ian’s is rough and matte. They cost $85 each so should we lose them, we can just order another because hey, it’s the love that is forever.

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We have a band of animals that each have a different, tragic rescue story: Blind, deaf, bad leg, etc.. The short of it is that we love animals and each creature, now flourishing, brings a comical personality to the table — literally. They try and sit on the benches during dinner to see how successful their doe-eyed staring will be or sit under our desks waiting for toast crumbs to drop. While I know the idea of taking in an abused or broken animal can be daunting, I promise with love and time, you’ll see a turnaround. Adopt don’t shop!

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