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International Human Rights Attorney, Writer, Teacher, Entrepreneur, & Community Builder

It might be shorter to list the things Flynn Coleman doesn’t do. A native of Los Angeles, Flynn has lived in France, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Italy, Hong Kong, Fiji, Cambodia, Senegal, the Netherlands, and Chile. She speaks five languages and her wanderlust has taken her from rebuilding homes in New Orleans, to distributing gifts to children in Haiti and bringing school supplies to Guatemala and Ethiopia.


Her world travels and quest to empower people with economic and educational opportunities led her to founding Malena, a worldwide community of artisans and entrepreneurs that shares their stories and connects them with a global market for their goods. Flynn also writes, speaks, and teaches on topics ranging from storytelling to redefining success to social impact.


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The Constitution

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My mom gave me this mini version of the Constitution as a gift while I was in law school. And I keep this itty bitty, cherished copy with me whenever I go. It reminds me of my life’s work, the work of many others, and what I value most: advocating for the equality, dignity, opportunity, freedom, joy, justice, and human and civil rights for all people, everywhere.

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Framed Illustration

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My dear friend, the wonderful Virginia Lucas Hart, surprised me with this framed print while I was in New York. She is an illustrator, calligrapher, and designer, and illustrated me as a rendition of my favorite quote:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~Vivian Greene.

PS: She is also the designer of my wrist and ribcage tattoos!

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Weekender Bag

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I designed this weekender bag (in two styles) with my friends in Guatemala and my friend Sara also helped to collaborate on the design. It’s the perfect bag for wanderlusters like me, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a far flung adventure. The textiles are handcrafted by my artisan partners, and best of all, each bag empowers the female artisans who craft these bags by hand, and combines traditional Maya heritage and art with modern designs.

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The community I work with includes over 120 indigenous women, and their mission is to improve the quality of life for Maya women artisans and their families, and to contribute to the preservation and promotion of traditional knowledge, art, and culture in Guatemala. To do so, the women and their families are offered education-driven social programs and market access to International Fair Trade and artisanal networks, with a focus on traditional Maya culture and traditions.

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Yellow 108 Hat

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I love a great hat, from frolicking in the sun to going on a grand adventure, and best of all, these beauties are made in the USA from salvaged materials. I love the color and feel of this one, and tend to wear this style a lot.

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I often wear delicate and tiny jewelry pieces that are comfortable to wear all the time, whether it’s out on the town, traveling, or for a long hike. These tiny rose gold bands are stackable and hand hammered, and this rose gold band with black diamonds was made by my family jeweler.


My Book Collection

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I have a life long love affair with books, from books on physics and French literature to science fiction, magical surrealism, crime fiction, and fantasy. A dreamy day includes reading a favorite book in a cozy nook, library, café, or park (preferably with a huge mug of Mariage Frères tea). I also love Japanese book binding (book worm alert). As a devoted book lover, I always travel with a ton of books, whether it’s for a weekend jaunt or a move abroad (let’s just say I have been known to ship boxes of books to wherever I am living at the time). So I carry my treasured book friends with me wherever I go, whether it’s at home or far away.


Denik Journal

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As a writer, I always travel with journal, to jot down notes, doodles, ideas, and observations, and I love these ones from my friends at Denik, because with each book sold, a portion goes to building schools in impoverished nations, aligned with my deepest core values and passion for social impact. I’m a big fan of my current Hide Away version, and I often give these away as gifts too since they come in a variety of great designs and each one supports a good cause and has a beautiful story behind it, not to mention the stories you’ll write in its pages.

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Remington Typewriter

2016 - 06 - 21 - Minimums - Flynn Coleman-0412

The story of this typewriter is as awesome as the actual item. I am a life long writer and lover of languages and books, and so typewriters have deep meaning for me. As for this vintage Remington, I found it on the street! I was walking around in my neighborhood and I saw it on the corner, and lo and behold, a typewriter expert just happened to be sitting on a stoop nearby, and I asked him if the typewriter was his. He said no, but that he knew a ton about them, so we checked it out and it turns out it was a fully functional Remington typewriter.

I carried the heavy treasure home and have had it ever since. I love to think about who might of used it in the past, and what they wrote on it. It also reminds me of how people used to write, and it reminds me both of the meditative beauty of writing on a typewriter, and also of the gift of modern technology in terms of how many options we have to write these days, and to be grateful for that whenever I find myself having a creative block.

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