Gaurav Nanda

Founder of Bend Goods


Photography by Christian Canzone

Founder & Creative Director of Bend Goods

Gaurav Nanda is a sculptor and designer from Michigan, and in 2010 he founded Bend Goods in Los Angeles. Bend Goods designs functional products for the home and public spaces including furniture, lighting and more. Bend is based on Nanda’s passion for making functional yet sculptural objects with a commitment to being innovative and playful.


Gaurav spent his childhood summers vacationing with his family in Palm Springs and he credits these trips for immersing him in mid-century modern architecture, design and lifestyle. Those things would later influence his decision to leave his corporate job at GM, where he was a vehicle interior model sculptor, and put his stamp on the era of design that had inspired him for so long.

Parents and me on a ski lift


This is a really sweet and a bit terrifying photograph of my parents holding me during the early years as they embarked on their adventure.  I was only a couple months old, snuggled in my dads arms as we went up the mountain.  They are immigrants from India that have built an amazing life for themselves here.  My parents are both entrepreneurs and watching them never fear the unknown has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I’m very grateful to them for instilling that in me from a very young age.


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Vintage Sofa


My sister, a designer herself, bought the sofa from a vintage store in Brooklyn, NY where she lives.  After a few months she realized it wasn’t really working in the space and I became the lucky person to get it and jumped at the chance to bring it to sunny California. I just like to think the piece has a lot of history and has so many stories to tell.  Perhaps I should get it appraised from the antique road show just to really find out the history of it.


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Roland Synthesizer


Music has always been a really big influence for me.  I decided a couple years ago that I would try and make some of my own. Going to places like Guitar Center is my version of an adult toy store. This synthesizer though is one of my favorite toy purchases to date. I can sit with it manipulating sound for hours on end and never get bored with it.

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Spanish House


When I moved to Los Angeles, I dreamed of owning an original Spanish California bungalow.  A couple of years ago that dream came true. It has a really great vibe and sits right in the heart of the city.  But soon it will be my new renovation project.  I have spent the last two years coming up with different floor plans and I think we are finally at the point for them to be submitted to the city.  It will become my near creative outlet.

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Vintage Rug


I got this rug from the Rose Bowl flea market here in Pasadena.  I have never seen anything like it and absolutely love the patterns and colors. Rug weaving is such an interesting art form and something that I would love to learn more about. I have been told it came from somewhere on the opposite side of the globe.

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Danish Credenza


Midcentury modern furniture has always been a big influence to me. There are a few local stores here in Los Angeles that I love to frequently visit. On one of my recent trips I found this Danish credenza and had to have it. I love the detailing in the wood and the functionality of the storage. It’s a great piece and I’m glad to have it in my collection.

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Bend Goods Captain Chair


Our Captain Chair will always have a special place in my heart. After launching my first collection, I took a step back and really put thought into the direction that I wanted to go next. The Captain was the first design I did for that next chapter. It went in more of an art deco direction design wise which has carried over into the collection that we just finished releasing in December of 2016.

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Nike Air Max


There really isn’t a lot to say here other than I really love shoes. Nike Air Max especially are some of my favorite shoes that I have ever had. They are so comfortable and I’ve always felt that Nike does the best with their color-ways on that style.


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Mexican Ceramic Water Jug and Cup


Growing up in Michigan, I spent a lot of time traveling to Palm Springs for warmer weather in the winters. Now that most of my family and I have relocated to Southern California, those trips have been traded for getaways to Mexico. Everything from the architecture to handmade crafts, like this water jug and cup, have so much heart and soul put into them. I also appreciate being able to buy them from the artisans that are making them by hand everyday.

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Indian Elephant


My Indian heritage has had a deep impact on me and I am so lucky to have found this elephant on one of my travels to Rajasthan, where a lot of the artisans come from. You can see the influence that the culture had on my designs as well as me by looking at the Bend line. The patterns and colors are so reminiscent of the art and design in that part of the world. I’m proud to be able to bring those influences that are tens of thousands of years old into a new modern era.


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