I. Ronni Kappos

Vintage Jewelry Designer


Photography by Sye Williams

Jewelry Artist

A staunch champion of vintage German glass beads, Ronni Kappos‘ jewelry designs take advantage of the fun and colorful characteristics found in the pre-WWII glass. Her jewelry is handmade from an evolving collection of vintage that were cast in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s by craftsman whose meticulous techniques yielded unusual colors and shapes.


Ronni’s design approach begins with a tremendous devotion to her materials. She values their history, but also designs with an eye for clean, modern shapes. Ronni continues to be inspired by her fascination for design – whether it be from the color of candy, the shape of a necktie or the construction of a molecule.

Glass bottle collection


My friend Julie Burton of Verre Los Angeles hand makes these glass bottles.  She gifted me this collection and I love how the light streams through them.  Since both Julie and I work with glass, I feel even more of a connection to them.

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Vintage rocking chair L1019748

This teak rocking chair was made by Frank Reenskaug in 1958.  I have a big collection of Danish Modern furniture, so it fits right in.  My mom gave me this chair during a big change in my life, so it always represents comfort and nurturing to me.

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Vintage Bolivian blanket


I bought this blanket from one of my favorite stores in New York, Collyer’s Mansion.  The blanket is hand woven of alpaca and is approximately 50 years old.  I obviously appreciate craft and hand made items, so I’m happy to curl up with this blanket when it gets chilly.

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Kat and Roger Ceramics


By far my favorite ceramicists, Kat and Roger are local LA artists who have a big following, and as a result, their pieces are increasingly hard to find.  Roger makes all of the vessels and Kat hand paints them with the kind of ingenuity that inspires me.  My jewelry is very graphic and geometric, so it mirrors what they’re doing.

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Ace and Jig Clothing


I love textiles and mixed patterns, so wearing Ace and Jig feels right.  All of their textiles are original and hand made in India.  The fabrics are soft and comfortable, making it easy to work in them all day.


Vintage Bead Collection


My most prized collection is my vintage German beads from the 1920s, 30s and 40s.  I’ve spent the last 20 years researching, buying, sorting and making jewelry from this beautiful material.  I constantly draw inspiration from the unique shapes and colors I find.  The process of making pressed glass beads is becoming a long lost art, so preserving their history is important to me.  My sister and I recently went to Europe to visit old bead factories and talk to families who have been making beads for generations.


American Tea Room Tea


The first thing I do in the morning, even before I take the cat out in the garden, is make a cup of tea.  There’s nothing better than sipping a flavorful cup with milk and honey.  I also love the ritual of making tea since it’s always calming in the morning.  I love American Tea Room tea because the flavors are strong and pure.  The one I’m enjoying the most right now is Black Mandarin Organic.

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Fine and Raw Chocolate


I’m a big chocolate fan and Fine and Raw has great texture and flavor.  My favorite is the Mesquite Bar, and as a bonus, it’s sugar free!  

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My Sister’s Paintings


My identical twin sister, Marina Kappos, is a painter.  We’re lucky that not only are we close, but our work shares some common themes.  We create strong, geometic shapes in our respective mediums and we’re both interested in playing with color and pattern.  The brick painting in the living room and the nude are painted by Marina.


Sweet Bun, my cat


Sweet Bun is a new addition to the family, she’s a Scottish Fold. I got her less than a year ago and she’s been a pure joy. We spend a lot of time together outside. I had two 20 year old cats pass away last year, so she was just what I needed to perk up again. Long live Sweet Bun!




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