Jaclyn Johnson

Community Cultivator


Photography by Ben Godwin

Founder of Create & Cultivate / President of Small Girls

Jaclyn Johnson is the founder of Create & Cultivate, a conference and event series for the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to spark conversation around marketing, brand building, mentorship and more. Jaclyn founded the conference series from her experience of feeling isolated as a young female professional and not having a network of like-minded creatives to talk about the issues and goals she wanted to achieve. Now established as a must-attend conference, Create & Cultivate has taken place in six cities and continues three times a year nationwide.


When she’s not building a flourishing community of empowered women, Jaclyn is the president at Small Girls, a digital and events PR agency that works with clients such as Microsoft, Sweetgreen and Urban Decay cosmetics. In what’s left of her spare time she likes to travel, hike, and have a glass of wine with friends.

Middle finger


A hilarious reminder to not take work too seriously! I work a lot so on rough days it’s always funny to catch a glimpse of that item.

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Image of my fiance and I


This was a gift from my friends at Framebridge. It was right after my guy had proposed, you can still see the tears in my eyes. It’s important to capture those moments.

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Triangle Ottoman


This was hand made by Fragments Identity, an incredible home wares company here in LA. Their patterns and prints are absolutely gorgeous!

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Beach People Towel


I love the Beach People towels. They are basically beach blankets, huge, cozy and amazing! This was a gift from my best friend who lives in Australia.

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C&C Tote bag


I love the Create & Cultivate gift bags! This was a collaborative tote we created with Parachute Home, a super fun brand based in Venice!

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Moleskine notebooks


I am old school when it comes to notes. I love my Moleskins and tend to keep all my old notebooks, they are such a fun time capsule of what was going on in my life at that time!

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Quick Fire

  • Favorite Restaurant: SugarFish
  • Favorite Application: Shyp
  • Favorite Bar: Bar Stella
  • Favorite Drink: A glass of Rose
  • Favorite City: LA
  • Favorite Hobby: Hiking

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