Jeff Hodsdon

Breaker of the Fourth Wall


Photography by Liz Clayman

Product Designer

After becoming the technical co-founder of Milk, which was later acquired by Google, Jeff Hodsdon took his motorcycle and left California to head to New York. For the past year, Hodsdon has been working on a project, “The Moments”; an on-going moving portrait series that captures his subjects in slow-motion and soft-focus that ends up becoming a hybrid of still and motion because the first frame works deceptively well as a still image. When the image comes to life, as we can see on his Instagram, we’re both astonished and hooked. Jeff says the hardest part is having to approach these various individuals on the bustling streets of New York City.



An old steel frame bike that was passed down through friends. I believe I’m the third owner. It’s a tough bike, I’m not afraid to lock it up anywhere. There isn’t much to it; one front brake, fixed single gear, and that is about it. A very simple bike, indeed.

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“Slim Aarons – Once Upon A Time”: When I look at Slim Aaron’s work, it makes me think how photography is really just getting yourself and your camera into various situations. I awe at how close he became to various extremely wealthy families. Most everyone in his photos appear relaxed and comfortable. I look up to that ability of a photographer. His work also feels, to me, like breaking the forth wall portraits; where people are in their own environment but giving the viewer attention.

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Film camera


I picked this up at a thrift store in California while helping my mother move some furniture she had purchased. It’s one of the more fun cameras I have used. For $4.99 it doesn’t make me worry about throwing it in my back pocket to take where ever I go. I’ve even sat on it and cracked the viewfinder. Since having it around where ever I go, I’ve shot some great moments. It’s IR auto focus and pretty much has just one button and even has a flash, too. I like to shoot it blindly from the hip. The auto focus is instant. I can quick draw it out of my back pocket and take an exposure within 2-3 seconds. It’s so fun. It’s also made me appreciate film more. Since using it I try to review my work less while shooting. It made me realize with digital you often fall into fixing photos while taking them, breaking the flow of the moment occurring in front of you.

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These in ear monitors (Ultimate Ears Pro 7’s) are relatively expensive but worth it. I got them for riding my motorcycle with. I enjoy long distance motorcycling. On a trip from San Francisco to New York I realized the need for great headphones. They’re molded to my ear and fill up a good portion of it, taking away a lot of wind noise. When you have these on you, can’t hear anything. It’s very liberating. Walking around in New York with them in gives the feeling of viewing the city from a glass box; makes me much more observant cutting out a sense.

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Leather Jacket


This year I declared myself old enough to have a leather jacket. It’s made by Surface to Air which is a creative studio and fashion brand. This particular jacket made from a collaboration with Dave from Chromeo. I feel like a rock star wearing it, it’s fun.

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Self-made camera


This is my camera I made about a year ago to take moving photos. I had an idea one day that photos could be more in 2015/2016. We don’t print them as much and we now view them on such powerful screens. I thought they could be more powerful. I walk around New York with it approaching people who I feel are in a beautiful moment and ask them for a quick photo. The photos go on a blog that I call “The Moments”. It’s an Instagram account. The camera is a combination of repurposed camera parts, iPhone 6S and software I wrote.

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Portraits in Fashion by Norman Parkinson


I find Norman Parkinson photos very happy. The people in them appear to be having so much fun. In this particular book are portraits over his career – beautiful colors. A particular image, the cover of the book, is an out of focus portrait of a woman with a red hat and lips. It’s one of my favorite images. It’s a reminder to me to not always create a technically good photo and to think of new ways photos can say something. Photos don’t aways have to adhere to some technical checklist that’s often done these days in photography.

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This is an old vintage watch I recently purchased. My first real mechanical watch. It’s an old 1960s Heuer chronograph. It’s fun to think how it’s been ticking for over 50 years.

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