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Photography by Birgitte Brøndsted

Co-founder of LINJER

Jennifer Chong is one of the founders of LINJER, a design studio making beautiful, high-quality leather goods and watches. LINJER’s minimalist design aesthetic and painstaking attention to quality have garnered them a cult following particularly among menswear enthusiasts. They are perpetually sold out of their most popular women’s bags and have raised more than $600,000 on Kickstarter for their latest watch collection (their campaign ends on Aug 13).



Jennifer grew up in Hong Kong and Toronto and after moving countries five times in the last five years, she and her cofounder Roman now split their time mostly between Italy, Norway and Hong Kong.

Baron Fig Notebook

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My notebook is always within arms’ reach. After running through 5 Moleskines in a year, I gave Baron Fig a try. I like to buy from small companies who are fanatical about products – and Baron Fig definitely fits the bill. The Baron Fig team is based in Brooklyn and they’re total nerds about notebooks.  The Confidant opens flat (why can’t all notebooks do this?!) and I like the quality of the paper. I like that it’s a bright color as it doesn’t get lost in my bag as easily.

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Moment case & Lens

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Here in Italy I’m lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty. My SLR is too clunky to bring around with me everywhere, so I usually carry a wide-angle Moment lens in my purse for when there’s a beautiful shot that can’t be done justice with the iPhone camera alone. I loved the lens so I bought the Moment case as well. It makes the iPhone 6 so much easier to grasp and has a shutter button (linked with Bluetooth) that makes it easier to take landscape photos. Magic!

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Parker pen

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This pen was a gift from a friend, who is a captain in the Kuwaiti air force. He gave Roman and me both a Parker pen – telling us that his team in the military uses them because they are reliable and high quality, just like our bags. I’ve never had an emotional connection with a pen, but I sure do with this one — not just because it was such a thoughtful gift, but because it writes well, has a good grip, and is easy to refill.

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Linjer Doctor’s Bag

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I get compliments and stares whenever I wear this bag out. It has a lot of character and is very roomy – I can fit an SLR or even a Nalgene inside. Very excited to see the patina grow on it as I think it will become even more beautiful!

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Italian Furniture

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Our building was built in the 15th century by a Florentine noble family — it’s living history. Our apartment/studio came furnished, so luckily we have a lot of beautiful, old Italian furniture from who knows when! Though my design style is firmly minimalist, I have a special place in my heart for more ornate Italian furniture. There is such care and attention to detail in the selection of the materials, the varnish on the table, the grain on the wood, the curve of the chair. Italian style at its best!

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Roost laptop stand

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Roman and I are usually on our computers most of our waking hours. The Roost laptop stand has literally saved our backs. The laptop stand collapses down into a thin long stick which easily fits into a backpack or luggage.

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 Quattro Stagioni jar

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I drink a lot more water than everyone else I know. I love this jar because it can hold a whole litre of water, which means I don’t have to keep getting up and refilling it. It’s also a lot more hardy than your typical glass. It’s survived a number of falls

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These are our creations, inspired by the Oslo Opera House (and currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter). Both of our designs are super minimal – our logo doesn’t even appear on the dial. We take a lot of pride in the components we use, like the Ronda movement, sapphire crystal glass, and Italian full grain vegetable-tanned leather.

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Maui Jim Sunglasses

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I learned of Maui Jim’s through a friend who is a total sunglasses nerd and insists that Maui Jim’s are the best sunglasses out there. Colours are really vivid through the lenses and there’s no distortion. The frame is super lightweight because it’s titanium. And it fits perfectly on my low nose bridge. I love the history of the brand and they make a kick-ass product. Once you go Maui, you never go back…

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  • Favorite Restaurant: Trattoria dell’Orto
  • Favorite Application: WhatsApp
  • Favorite Bar: At home
  • Favorite Drink: Water
  • Favorite City: Maui
  • Favorite Hobby: Travelling

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