Jonathan Levine

CEO of Style


Photography by Liz Clayman

Founder and CEO of Master & Dynamic

Jonathan Levine launched the design-driven premium audio company Master & Dynamic in May 2014. From a mere idea to a coveted brand with an increasing number of products, Master & Dynamic has been built on the same principles that drive Jonathan: design, art, creativity, collaboration, technology and a desire to create high-quality products that inspire.

Leica cameraMinimums_Jonathan_LizClayman_04

Early in the development of Master & Dynamic’s headphones I sat a small team of design and marketing professionals down and posed the following question:  “If we were building cameras instead of headphones, who would we want to be?” Without hesitating, they all said Leica, the iconic brand I had in mind. Their elegant yet sophisticated cameras continue to inspire me every day. I am honored to say that Leica is a fan of our brand as well.

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Le Labo Santal 26 scented candle


I light these everywhere – especially in our office and on-site recording studio.

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Vintage Colnago bicycle


Cycling is one of my greatest passions. Collecting great bicycles is another hobby. I proudly display a bright orange vintage Colnago bicycle in my office. It plays a dual role of art as well as design and craftsmanship inspiration.

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IWC watch


My father, who passed away when I was four, taught me the importance of high quality time pieces. He left me a small collection of watches and since that time I have added two amazing IWC’s to my collection.


Maison Margiela backpack


I walk the streets of New York every day and like to have my laptop with me at all times. One of my sons is a big Margiela fan and would love to permanently borrow the backpack from me.

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Prada cufflinks


A gift from my partner Vicki when we first founded Master & Dynamic, these cuff links remind me of the brand’s earliest days. The limited-edition skull with headphones design couldn’t be a better fit.



Common Projects shoes


Common Projects is, in many ways, the originator of the luxury sneaker category. They’re elegant and comfortable high-end shoes that work equally well for a picnic or stylish dinner. I admire the custom numbering on all the products. Similarly, each Master & Dynamic product has a unique serial number. 

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Lanvin bomber jacket


Another gift from my partner, which she bought from Mr. Porter. This jacket has been admired by a diverse group of friends. I like the black and navy color scheme and subtle details.  Maybe I’ll pick up a second one as it’s sure to stand the test of time.

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Garret Leight sunglasses


Great design, materials and details.  Sound familiar? The final touch and I’m ready for anything.

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