Lynn Le

Empowering Female Fighters


Photography by Isaac Lane Koval

Founder of Society Nine

Lynn Le is a fighter in every sense of the word. When she couldn’t find boxing gloves that properly fit women, she decided to make her own and created Society Nine. The brand was created not just for women in combat sports, but for every female fighter in life whether they are a boxer, a grappler, Crossfitter, runner, rock climber, or cyclist. The company’s mission is to create a movement and community that unites strong, empowered, diverse women who are fighting for more than their physique.


Lynn’s will to persevere through the challenges of creating a business from scratch and fight for the respect that women fighters deserve has garnered attention from everyone from CNBC to Fast Company, and even an invitation to the White House for the United State of Women Summit, where she attended a fireside chat with Michelle Obama, Oprah and Joe Biden.

pocket Knife


I carry this thing everywhere with me, both as a tool and as a self defense weapon. But, mostly as a tool 😉

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Krav Maga Brown Belt diploma


This diploma represents such a critical piece to my own journey as an athlete, and a woman. I’ve trained in Krav Maga for 4 years, and it took me 3 to achieve my Brown Belt diploma, which means I passed the most advanced practitioner test there is in the Krav Maga Worldwide system. It unlocked so much out of me – it unlocked my fullest, physical potential and empowered me in a way that has changed the way I look at myself as an athlete, and as a woman and what I am capable of.


Earn Yours$75+/class

Society Nine Boxing Gloves


It’s hard to explain how proud of I am of the hard work my team has done to get this far. We designed these gloves so that women got equal representation and treatment in terms of having a product that makes sure their performance needs met. We also wanted women to feel like fierce warriors when they wear our gear. We are more than a purveyor of boxing gloves – we play a small but important part in these women’s lives by reminding them every time they put on our gear that they are enough.

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Lonsdale Boxing Boots


I love these because not only do they give me good traction, but they’re super old school designed. No frills, no flash, just simple and classic.

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Tumi Carry-on Bag


This thing fits an entire weekend of outfits, plus my training gear. Critical.

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Ray Ban Aviators


These are my power piece. I have few accessories that really make me feel like a boss – these are one of them. Plus, my head and face shape look terrible in sunglasses – these are the only ones I’ve ever liked the way I look in them!

Buy Now$110

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Quick Fire

  • Favorite Restaurant: Sushi King
  • Favorite Application: Boomerang
  • Favorite Bar: Anywhere that serves massive plates of nachos for cheap at happy hour :)
  • Favorite Drink: Dirty Chai
  • Favorite City: Boston
  • Favorite Hobby: Boxing & Cooking

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