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Brand Influencer & Family Caretaker

When they’re not flying all over the world attending A-list events, Mick & Rana are enjoying the comforts of home and raising their one year old son Myles. Self described as ‘Your Favorite Brand’s Favorite DJ,’ Mick has performed sets at the Grammy’s, White House Correspondent’s Dinner, and hundreds other events put on by the world’s biggest brands. A veteran of the fashion industry, Rana now enjoys her new role as Mom and devoting her time and energy to her family. Together their creative and artistic flair are manifested in their most prized possessions.

Mick: Jordans


Mick: I found these vintage Jordan 1’s on vacation in Bangkok at one of the most amazing flea markets I’ve ever been to. The cool thing is… I was told they were reissues from the 90s – which is cool nonetheless – but turns out they are the original ones from the 80s.  First edition!


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Mick: Transformers lunchbox


Mick: My wife got me this vintage lunchbox for Christmas many years ago. Maybe my favorite gift I’ve ever received.   I never had it as a kid – and I was, and still am, a mega Transformers fan. My cat is named Grimlock!

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Mick: 1978 Rolex Submariner


Mick: I’m big into watches and had been looking for something special from my birthday year.  We were on holiday in Geneva and I came across this one. The black bezel has faded to a uniform and unique grey.  I was instantly in love with it.

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Mick: Spike Lee Street Sign


Mick: Such a cool gift.  I’ve deejayed a lot of parties for the legendary Spike Lee – and this is such a historical memento.  They renamed a Brooklyn block after his iconic movie – I got to DJ at the renaming – and ended up coming home with this.  And had Spike sign it!

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Mick: Sonos Bluenote Limited Edition


Mick: I love Sonos. It changed how we consume music in our house.   They sent us this super limited pair of blue speakers done in collaboration with Blue Note Records.   When we realized our son’s nursery was going to be blue… He inherited them (before he was even born!).  The kid is spoiled and now has the best music taste!

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Mick: Master & Dynamic headphones


Mick: The best headphones out, to me.  Amazing materials and craftsmanship.  Quality.   Fantastic sound.  Looks great when I’m deejaying – whether I’m in a tee or a tux.  Just a big fan of their brand!

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Mick: Marvel by Taschen


Mick: I love comics.  It’s my get away from reality.  A place I can to recharge and let my mind regenerate creativity.   I’ve been a Marvel fan my entire life.   When Taschen did this oversized coffee table book of all classic Marvel art, my marital goal of leaving comics out permanently in our living room without annoying Rana was realized!

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Rana: Alexander Girard Poster


Rana: This may conceivably be my favorite gift from Mick to date. In college I had this print and was so upset when I lost it in a move. I’m such a fan of Girard, but I couldn’t afford anything of his at the time. Fast forward to a casual walk in Brooklyn- only to stumble upon the original. I completely had a moment. This poster represents that time in every 20 something’s life when they finally find themselves on their own. After my freak out, I made it easy for Mick to find the perfect anniversary gift.


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Rana: Sunnies wall


Rana: Being a New Yorker for almost 10 years has taught me how to come up with some creative ways to best optimize our space. I am proud to say the sunnies wall is an example of that.

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Rana: Prince comic book


Rana: After many failed attempts, Mick finally found a comic that I could get into! I’m a huge lover of any and everything Prince. The day he passed Mick immediately went online and found this to cheer me up a bit. It’s so cool, but not cool enough to get me into comics.


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Rana: Framed Hermes Scarf


Rana: One of my first jobs in luxury retail was a scarf specialist at Hermes Paris. I was completely awe-struck by the Hermes client. They came up with some pretty inventive ways to repurpose the scarves. I had a client who lined all his suits with scarves. Another who made foot stools and framed all of them. I thought…one day. And I did!

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Rana: WIK 1508 Praying Hands Candle


Rana: As a person who lights candles without having an occasion to do so, I can’t bring myself to burn this one. It’s too special. Every day it’s a reminder to be grateful and thank God for all the blessings and endless favor.

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Rana: Kimono


Rana: His thing is comics… mine is flea market finds! Whenever we travel anywhere, I try to find local flea markets or vintage shops. Not consignment shops. There is a difference. I found this beauty in Louisiana.

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Rana: Niko+Ava


Rana: This is my favorite kids brand right now because the clothes hold on to that childlike innocence. I get a bit annoyed when I see children dressed like over stylized adults. It’s a trend that I wish would go away.


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