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Known for their incredible photography, hand lettering, and storytelling their lives for the world to see, Mike and Megan are the dynamic duo behind the design and lifestyle blog The Fresh Exchange. Their blog posts will make you want to throw a party, get crafty, travel far away, or write a letter to yourself. A sharp eye for design and an inspiring perspective on life have garnered them a loyal following with hundreds of thousands of readers.


Outside of blogging, Mike and Megan run a creative studio helping other fellow entrepreneurs and businesses with art direction, photography, and typeface projects. When away from the computer and work completely, they are hiking, traveling, and spending time with their families in Michigan and Texas.



We have always been dog people and no matter how much we travel and work remote we make sure the dogs join us. Nellie, our sweet Golden Retriever, has been with us before we were married. Tucker, our wild little Cavalier King Charles, joined our family a couple year ago. He is a rescue from an Amish Farm, and spent the first year of life living amongst Clydesdale horses. Needless to say, he lives a bit more lavish life these days but never lost his wild spirit.


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Driftwood and found rocks


Wherever we travel we love to bring something back with us from that place. Megan grew up gathering items on the beaches of Northern Michigan and since then we felt this was a fun way to have pieces of our travels around our home. Each stick and rock has a place and story attached to it and we love having those reminders surround us.

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V-60 Pour Over Coffee


A couple years ago we worked with One Village Coffee, a B-Corp certified coffee roaster, and fell in love with their light roast African coffee beans. From that moment on we were hooked on pour over coffee. No matter where we are, every day begins with 800g of coffee in our Hario V-60.

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Tivoli Model One BT Radio


Whether it is NPR, the newest playlist, or one of our favorite podcasts, we always have something playing on our Tivoli Model One BT. We love the simple and beautiful design. Since we don’t own a TV we invested in this as our form of entertainment and connection to the world.

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Pigma Micron Pens


We use a variety of pens to do our hand type work, but for the most accurate marks we love the Micron pens. We don’t have a favorite size pen, but we typically only use black ink and then transfer it onto Photoshop to add color, if we add color.

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Bridge and Burn Wax Cotton Jacket


We have both the men’s and women’s version of this jacket and have literally traveled around the world with this jacket and love it more and more every day. It does great in any weather, never too hot or too cold, and it repels rain.

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Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original Tortoise


Nine years ago Mike bought these sunglasses in Paris while studying art history and to this day, they are our shared favorite pair of sunglasses. They are classic and just feel at home with both of us.

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Vintage Vinyl Records


On a perfect weekend morning, we will have the windows open, and a vintage record playing. Our favorite thrift store finds are old western vinyl records. We have some new classics, but our favorite record is Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson and Fleetwood Mac.

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Le Labo Santal 33


After years of looking, we found the perfect scent. With flavors of cardamom, iris, violet, leather, Australian sandal wood, and cedar wood, this is The Fresh Exchange in a smell. No matter where you are, it will brighten any day.

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