Mike & Molly

Digital Natives


Photography by Liz Clayman

Mike: Composer / Performer - Molly: Internet Personality / Senior Social Media Director

Mike Rugnetta and Molly Templeton are prototypical self-made digital creatives. Based out of Brooklyn, the duo have their hands in a little bit of everything and have used their entrepreneurial spirit to create unique careers that harness the creative canvas that the modern web provides. Mike is a composer of dance and theater productions, podcaster, live & studio mix engineer, as well as the host of the PBS Idea Channel, a show that examines the connections between pop culture, technology and art.


Molly got her start on the web in the early days of Youtube under the moniker MemeMolly and quickly amassed over 100,000 subscribers. She then transitioned from being in front of the webcam to working behind the scenes as the Director of Talent and Audience Development for the My Damn Channel Network. Molly now is a full-time internet enthusiast as the Senior Social Media Director at a social media consultancy.


Find Mike and Molly on Twitter at @mikerugnetta and @mememolly.



Mike: My father used this bag for 20+ years and was just gonna just toss it! I rescued it from the trash at my parents house about 5 years ago. It doesn’t fit my laptop, but it does have a built in filing cabinet.

Molly: Mike gave me this Madewell bag for my birthday last year. I like that It’s simple and fits an enormous amount of things in it.

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Molly: My dad bought this Cannondale bike a few years ago when I was starting to cycle long distances. It’s super sporty and functional. I have a bunch of accessories on it for commuting to work and rides to the beach. Most recently I maximised it with a cup holder for iced coffee.

Mike: Cannondale Capo – We’re a Cannondale family, I guess! I’ve had my Capo for almost ten years (in various builds) and I love it tons. I don’t do as many long haul rides as Molly, but I love this bike for getting around the city. It’s super light, super fast, and bike shop guys compliment it which makes me feel SUPER COOL.

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Molly: I think I was 10 or 11 when I asked for a treasure chest for Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I see this gorgeous metal trunk instead of a wooden pirate chest. My mum bought it from an auction house in England. It’s a steamer from Macy’s in New York. I brought it home to Brooklyn with me 2 years ago and now I keep my old sketchbooks in it.

Mike: I always point out the neat trunks at antique shops and stuff because I know Molly likes them, but hers remains the coolest. Hands down.

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Carbon Steel Wok


Mike: 14″ round bottom carbon steel wok – Molly bought me this wok for Christmas a few years ago and it’s the most versatile thing in our kitchen. One of the best parts of it is, like a cast iron skillet, it ages and seasons, developing a non stick coating over time. Its surface reflects all the meals I’ve made in it (lots).

Molly: Mike has made me so many tasty dinners in the wok. My favorite is this garlic lettuce dish.

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Molly: The first trip Mike and I ever went on together was to San Francisco in spring 2010. We usually go to music shops when we travel. I’ve never played instruments and often feel intimidated in stores, but I played this little koa ukulele and it felt friendly so it came home with us!


Mike: I saved up my on-campus job paychecks for one whole term my sophomore year of college to buy this guitar from a shop in Brattleboro, Vermont. I picked it out of a lineup of D-03Rs because, sorta like Molly’s uke, it was the one that felt right. This guitar taught me to play guitar, and still teaches me new things every time I pick it up.

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