Moonsub Shin



Photography by Jungmin Kim

Freelance Illustrator

Moving from South Korea to New York City, Moonsub Shin found his passion for illustration at the School of Visual Arts in 2009. It was there that he honed his craft, earned his MFA, and began his illustration career.


After graduating, Moonsub traveled all across Europe and made a visual diary along the way, eventually turning his illustrations into a successful Kickstarter book. He has also worked extensively with Scholastic, creating whimsical illustrations that visualize the power of a child discovering the perfect book.


See more of Moonsub’s illustrations on Behance, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Moleskine sketchbook


I don’t trust my memory 100% of the time. That’s why I take this with me wherever I go. Everything around me gives me inspiration and they become my artworks. When something catches my eye or taps into my head, I immediately open the sketchbook. It’s the world that I imaginate.

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Lamy fountain pen


This is the soulmate of my Moleskine sketchbook.

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Oliver peoples Eyeglasses


When I fell in love with vintage glasses, OP 505 became my dream glasses. It’s classic but modern and never gets boring.

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Eyeglasses stand Tower


I have many glasses and each one for a different use. One for work, one for home, one for working out and one for meetings, etc. So I was looking for something that can keep all my glasses safe in one place. I thought a box case would work but it took up too much space on my desk. When I visited the MOMA design shop, I found this tower and it was the perfect solution.

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Canon 6d & Sigma Lens


The Canon 6D is my first full frame format DSLR camera. The Wifi function is really useful when I upload photo onto my Instagram. The Sigma 12-24mm was the widest angle lens in 35mm format (camera language) – not including the Fisheye lens. The scenes of Sigma 12-24mm provide fresh angles and viewpoints. They have helped me manipulate the composition process when I sketch for illustration works. It helps you see things differently.

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Breville Espresso Machine


Coffee to me is art. The city has so many good local coffee roasting locations and tasting unique coffee flavors is one of my favorite things about living in NYC. But most of the time, I’m too lazy to visit the cafe. So I bought this Espresso Machine to make coffee at home. I chose the Breville BES860XL because it has a grinder in the body. Now I can enjoy the fresh aroma of coffee beans at home.

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212 Coffee mug


I got this cappuccino mug set at Fishs Eddy near Union Square. It’s the perfect serving size for a cappuccino and gives the feeling that I’m in the city.

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Everlane Backpack


This is my second Everlane backpack. My previous one was so damaged so I purchased it again. I love all of Everlane’s items, the prices and quality are great. When choosing a bag, the design is really important to me. I carry a 15″ Macbook pro, a Wacom Intuos Pro, a jounal and a pencil case, and Everlane allows me to carry a home for all of them.

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