Nathan Fwamba

Designer & Second Life Real Estate Mogul


Photography by Dondre Green

Designer / SecondLife Real Estate Developer

Nathan Fwamba is a product designer & creative soul. After making the move from San Francisco to the Big Apple, he now proudly claims the title of Creative Director over at The Basics in NYC. Prior to his move,  Nathan got started in design through designing virtual cities in 3dMax. He later flipped these properties in the virtual reality game Second Life for real world money. Developing a beautiful twist for design and business, he hit the ground running.


Nathan has gone on to work with companies from Milk Studios, Kate Spade New York to Puma. He spends most of his day conceptualizing, building, and learning about Product and Experiences focused on Human Interaction and Online Commerce. His secret to success: a run to start the day.

Pantone Postcards


My favorite thing about design is the perspective it can optimally create. You can convey new ideas, influence a particular mood, and tap into feelings with just a few ranges of color. This plays a part in just about everything I work on. I use the Pantone Postcards by combining it with photos and fonts found in books or magazines I own to create a story. They’re my own personal mood board which helps me understand what I’m working on and how it fits into other people’s reality. In a way, pantone colors are visual guides to set the tone of a project.

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Acne Studios Sneakers


I’ll start by saying I absolutely love Acne Studios. Everything they make is awesome. The company, which was co-founded by a super talented Creative Director Jonny Johansson, started by making 100 pairs of minimalist raw denim jeans. The best part about it was they gave them out for free to friends and family. Jonny and his team believe in details. The Acne brand reflects that belief.

My friend Fred initially introduced me to the brand and the story behind it. My favorite thing about the brand became the small messages they’ve carefully crafted inside everything they make. Their products range from a t-shirt, sneakers, or the shopping bag. A glimpse inside the brand and how they see the world.

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Leap Motion


Every once in a while, interesting ideas pop into existence from unexpected places like Kickstarter. For me, one of those things is the Leap Motion. From just a video, I got really impatient waiting for the device to show up in the mail. But when it finally arrived, it blew my mind. The level of data such a small device can collect from its surrounding is impressive. While it’s still primitive, what it can do now only excites me about a future where interfaces are no longer trapped inside devices.They can be projected into the physical world and controlled with simple gestures.


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Vertical village


I got into design because I was always fascinated with Buildings and Cities as functional systems. First, I learned to use 3DMax because I wanted to see what smart cities will eventually look like. Then a virtual world called ‘Second Life’ was created to see these system works in a digital environment. It is actually controlled by real people from their computer screens. Now, I’m obsessed with learning about people and organizations who are thinking about these problems today in the real world. It ranges from studying the impacts of a growing population to the small things we’re doing to build better design in our cities and public systems. The What Factor publishes a series of studies in form of books with visual and informational data. They make for good Sunday evening reads.


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Floor Alarm


I used to be really bad at waking up for early classes in college. The cycle will start with me setting up my alarm clock for say 5:00 AM the night before. Then purposely changing it to 4:30 AM so that if I really need sleep.. I’ll feel better knowing that I can nap an extra 30 minutes. But I’ll end up staying up late which made the 4:30 AM alarm sound like torture.

Sleeping with my phone next me makes it convenient to constantly press snooze or turn off the alarm completely without having to get out of bed. But one thing that’ve learned…to be a morning person all you need to do is get out of bed the second your alarm sounds. A floor alarm forces you to do just that. Jump your butt out of bed, turn it off, and start your day.

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Poler Hat


One of the best things about camping is the gear you bring along with you. Outside of the usual tents and sleeping bags, it’s extremely important to have comfortable shoes and attire. I found this Poler Trucker hat inside a skate shop in Atlanta called Stratosphere. Then, I discovered that the brand made the most
incredible camping equipment. Naturally, I became a fan of Poler’s #campvibes culture and everything they produce.


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Cards Against Humanity


Sometimes strangers on the internet ask you for money in exchange of mystery gifts. Saying yes can lead to awesome gifts which includes a limited set of Cards Against Humanity playing cards; One with your name on it. Card games are an essential part of camping. Especially when you’ve had a few drinks because everyone and everything becomes a lot more funny.

One of my favorites has always been Cards Against Humanity because it says a lot about you and your friends. Randomly answering a question with a card that has your own name instantly makes the player cool ?. So far, I’m one of the two among my friends to have played a card with our names on it.

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