Omar Rada

Kickstarting Phenomenon


Photography by Liz Clayman

Co-Founder of Misen

Omar is the co-founder of Misen, a kitchenware project that rocked the Kickstarter world by raising over $1M for a $65 high-quality chef’s knife. Within the first minutes of sweeping past their $25k goal, they pushed through to become the fourth most funded food project ever on Kickstarter with the knife described as “the holy grail of inexpensive chef’s knives.”  Misen is doing for cooking knives what other startups are doing for clothing, glasses, and bedding. Rather than heading to Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond, they are bringing you less options and swapping in exquisite quality with a modest price point and valuable features combined. This is an under served market that Omar and his co-founders are bringing to light. Now we just need a marketplace or index site that lists local businesses similar to theirs.

Muji Pens


Simple. Functional. Beautiful. Affordable. I use them for everything, and would be devastated if for whatever reason they stopped making the 0.5MM version.

Buy Now$1.25

Misen Knife


A quality knife is a cook’s most important tool. You use it for practically everything you do in the kitchen, and if well made it should last a lifetime. The Misen Chef’s Knife is made with premium Japanese steel that keeps a sharper edge longer, and because we eliminate traditional retail markups by selling online, our knife costs just $65.

Buy Now$65

Productivity Hourglasses


There are a thousand digital productivity apps and “hacks” out there, many of them great, to help you stay on track throughout the day. As nice as some of them are, for me these analog 30 and 5-minute hourglasses (pomodoro method) work beautifully to help get things done.

Buy Now$25

Warby Parker Crane Glasses


I was born with a scar in the back of my right eye, but strangely have the best vision in my family. Too good to last I suppose, and recently had to get glasses. Fortunately, Warby Parker exists, and good quality and design doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag.

Buy Now$95

Soma Water Carafe


Gotta stay hydrated! Or, if anything, a copious amount of water helps offset the 12 cups of coffee I drink per day. Soma makes that easier. Beautifully designed and functional.

Buy Now$49

Grandfather’s Timex Watch


Timex watches are simple, classic and affordable. My wife Gretchen put a new battery and band on my Grandfather’s old broken Timex watch as a wedding present, and I’ve worn it almost every day since then.

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