Paul Cocksedge

Design Artist


Photography by Ben McCann

Co-founder of Paul Cocksedge Studio

It’s hard to categorize the variety of work that Paul Cocksedge does as part of the London-based Paul Cocksedge Studio. His studio’s work jumps between many disciplines as they design materials, light installations, public art, architectural projects, and more.


One day he is using liquid nitrogen to freeze metals so they contract to create furniture that don’t use a single weld and the next, designing a temporary installation for London Design Week of hand-woven nylon wire.


Paul’s latest creation is The Vamp Stereo & Speaker, a device to take old stereo speakers and bring them back to life by turning them into portable, bluetooth-connected speakers.

Alessi Castiglione watch


I bought my first watch because I kept checking the time on my iPhone, then getting distracted by emails. Before you know it, you’re lost in a screen. So I wanted to find a watch design I really adored, not just another piece of wearable technology. I spent some time looking at vintage watches and timepieces designed by Ettore Sottsass, and then I came across Alessi’s Castiglione model – which is affordable, and beautiful.


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Ingo Maurer Lucellino lamp


This was actually a present from Ingo, and he wrote a note on the side of the box which was really inspiring for me. I’ll never lose it.


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The Vamp


I use this all the time, and it’s a great conversation starter. It’s one of the first pieces my studio designed, manufactured and marketed, and it really embodies a lot of what I love to do as a designer.


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Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler


I saw this in the window of bookshop in London, and went in to ask if I could take a picture because the cover was so striking. I ended up buying it, and it’s a fascinating exploration of humans and our relationship to death, magic and ritual.

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