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Photography by Viktor Gårdsater

Design Director, Partner & CEO of BVD

Rikard and Diana welcome us to the world’s first simplifying agency, BVD, located in Stockholm, Sweden, where they seek simplicity as a strategic tool and the strongest power. Being titled an award-winning design agency in 1996, they have since perfected the role of working side by side with their team of project managers, graphic designers, industrial designers, and strategists to simplify companies, brands, products, and environments to reshape and reorganize for better clarity and power. They break the components down into their own four block method to achieve this route to guidance, whether it be for a piece of packaging or how travelers move through a subway system. It comes down to these core questions: “How complex does it have to be? How simple can we make it?”

Qwstion Daypack Bag Washed Black


I carry my laptop in this back pack everyday to and from work. It’s such a nice design by Swiss Qwstion from Zürich; multi functional to use as a back pack or shoulder-bag, and pockets that you find several months after you have bought the bag. Love it. Great work guys!

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Logo Modernism


I just bought this book a few months ago and just the thought of not having it close by my working area makes me shiver. A masterpiece by Jens Müller and Julius Wiedemann that summarizes the ”visual birth of corporate identity”. Thank you!

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Wooden Rock


This is a gift that I received in 2012 at the Milano Furniture Fair when talking to a couple of very talented Japanese design students. We had a discussion and I admired their great work, and suddenly they gave me this great object even though it wasn’t for sale. It’s a piece of wood design as a rock; the smoothest and most beautiful thing you could ever hold in your hand. It’s a very dear object to me: a memory of friendship, and a reminder that things are not always as they seems. Thank you!

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String Adjustable Work Desk


At BVD, we have these great looking height adjustable work desks, designed by industrial designer Björn Dahlström; a former graphic designer by the way. A great way to get your body working with you and not against you. I am a better designer with this work desk. Thank you, Björn!

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BVD Notebook


My notebook, designed by BVD, is always an arms length away. I can’t live without it. That’s where it happens; the ideas, te thoughts, how to simplify and clarify life as we know it. To get one of these, you need to apply for a job at BVD. Welcome!

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Bose Quiet Comfort


As I always walk around in Stockholm, often with music or audio books through the headphones, I always wear my Bose Quiet Comfort and a pair of Nike sneakers. The Bose Quiet Comfort also create a thinking-in-your-own-bubble at office.

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Kerber suit


After testing Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months, it completely simplified my closet. Now I go up and put on one Kerber suit from Swedish fashion designer Marielle Kerbers, which are completely wrinkle-free. They are easy to pack for a trip, to bunch into the backpack and they are both strict, comfort and bohemian. Her suits are magic.

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Nike shoes


These and my Bose headphones are my everyday essentials; I take them anywhere and everywhere just as much as they take me anywhere and everywhere.

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To free my mind I need my garden, garden tools, books and plants. Simple as that.

M Train by Patti Smith
Arkitektens trädgård by Kenneth Kauppi
What I Believe by Bertrand Russell

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La Sportiva Miura VS


These are simply the best high performance shoe I have used and have taken my climbing to a whole new level; it’s like hands on your feet. Worth it!

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Daughter’s Innovation Button


I always have my 6-year-old daughters innovation button; ”teleport-yourself-to-a-dreamplace”. Not for sale.

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Planeta Matryoshka


My Planeta Matryoshka ball from Finnish Company. It´s a 9-piece solar system, handmade in linden tree. When you need ideas just play with them.

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Petzl Harness


To find extreme focus and freedom I need my climbing gears and a mountain.

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