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Reinventing the Furniture Business


Photography by Kevin Wolf

Founder of Interior Define

Rob Royer developed a passion for design and furniture at a young age, taking after his architect father and interior-designer mother. When it came time to furnish his first apartment though, Rob shopped at dozens of online and traditional retail stores and could not find a sofa that met his expectations for design, quality, and a reasonable price point.


While working as one of the first team members at Bonobos, Rob became obsessed with the idea of building a new type of furniture brand; pairing a curated, highly-customizable set of products with a direct-to-customer experience. In January of 2014 his dream became a reality as he launched Interior Define, allowing customers to customize their furniture including the size, shape, color, fabric, filling, and frame all at a reasonable cost.


Interior Define’s sofas fit perfectly in the market above cookie-cutter IKEA couches and below designer, luxury lounges. With only one showroom in Chicago and no warehouses or middlemen, I/D sofas cost 30 to 40 percent less than comparable ones sold by conventional retailers.

Brass Ship Clock


My grandfather served in the Navy during WWII and I inherited several of his possessions, including a flag flown on his battleship and a picture of his crew. This ship clock (which my grandmother purchased for him after the war) sits on a bookshelf in our bedroom and will always remind me of him.

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Oak Street Boots


Before I purchased these from the Chicago-based boot maker I had never invested in a great quality pair of boots. They took nearly a year to break in, but they’re now a staple of my fall through spring wardrobe. If break-in period correlates with longevity, I will have these for a very long time.

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Oliver Peoples Glasses


As I raced to spend an outstanding healthcare-spending account balance (on new year’s eve), my six-year-old daughter insisted I purchase these glasses. She is now my official stylist.


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I/D Walters chaise sectional sofa


This was one of our inaugural designs in 2014, and remains one of my favorites designs. In my opinion, it is the perfect-sitting sofa — akin to a firm mattress. I also love Walter’s low profile, which makes it even lounger than they typical sofa.

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Eating Animals  book


I read this shortly after its release in 2009. Foer presents a compelling take on the culture of food, and the implications of industrialized farming and eating meat, which have been explored many times since. The book inspired me to experiment with a vegetarian diet, and I’ve never looked back.

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Carved Stone Elephant


I purchased this on my only visit to India and it was described to me (as I’m sure to every other tourist) as good luck. While I’m not generally superstitious, my daughter was conceived shortly after this trip, and my wife later launched a children’s clothing brand with an elephant logo.

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