Susan Bennett

A Familiar Voice


Photography by Jason Hales

Voice-over artist

For four hours a day, every day, in July 2005, Bennett holed up in her home recording booth as she read nonsensical phrases and sentences that would later become known as the voice of Siri: Apple’s voice-activated virtual assistant on the iPhone. She’s provided weather forecasts and restaurant tips, GPS directions, and answered absurd questions. Susan has also done voice-over work for top brands in nearly every industry, ranging from Coca-Cola, Discovery Channel, McDonald’s and greeting passengers at the gates of Delta Airlines. She’s also starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel. We finally get some authentic answers from Siri without having to use our iPhone.

Key to Yourself by Venice Bloodworth

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2006

This is a wonderful book of “life” advice from a woman named Venice Bloodworth. She predates all of the new age-y self help books, but every page is a gem. It was given to me by one of my best friends; a fellow musician, Carol Albert.

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Vintage Switchboard Operator Telephone Toy

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2019

I’ve only had the vintage telephone switchboard for a few months but it’s really special to me because it’s similar to one of the toys I played with a LOT when I was a kid. In fact, my two favorite things: the piano and the telephone switchboard, lead to my careers as a musician and a voice talent (who does a lot of telephony work). Since I no longer had my original toy, I bought the “new” one online. It wasn’t exactly as I remembered it, but it was very close; a red and yellow switchboard with cables and two separate telephones that connected to it. It now sits in a prominent place in my office bookshelves and reminds me every day of how lucky I’ve been in both my life and my career!

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Birthday Ring

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2075

This ring was given to me by my husband, which is a bit of a talisman or good luck charm.

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Grand Piano

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2065

I’ve been playing the piano by ear since I was 4, but never had a really nice one. When I turned 50, I bought myself a beautiful 7’ Boston grand piano. It’s one of the focal points of our home, and it’s beautiful!

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Lion Sculpture

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2038

I’m a Leo, and I love cats, especially the bigger-sized ones, and I have a lot of them in my home. This sculpture is one of my favorites, which was given to me by my husband for my birthday one year.

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Photo Albums

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2044

I’ve always taken a lot of photos, even before the great cameras we have on our smartphones now. I have about 20 albums, filled with photos from my entire life, and they’re some of my very favorite things.

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Mother/child sculpture

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2069

This was a gift from my son, Cameron, when he was about ten years old. Cam has always had excellent taste in gifts, and he knows his mom well. I absolutely love this birthday gift from him.

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Drawing done by my son as a young boy

hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2008

These drawing are by my son Cam. He was quite the artist as a little guy, and I’ve saved a lot of his drawings. One is a very colorful and impressionistic interpretation of a flamingo, and the other is a drawing of three Gremlins from the movie.

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hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2022
hales photo-minimums-susan bennett-2064
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