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Not many people can claim to have the life experiences that Tynan has had:


• Bought an island off the coast of Halifax with 10 friends

• Was a world famous pick-up artist highlighted in the Neil Strauss book The Game

• Put $10k on the line to write a blog post everyday for 2 years & followed through

• Was roommates with Courtney Love

• Has written 7 books

• Was a professional gambler for seven years & played in the 2015 World Series of Poker, finishing in 12th place


Tynan shares his thoughts on minimalism, travel, shared housing, and more on his blog (on his blogging platform Sett) and also runs CruiseSheet for finding great deals on cruises all over the world.


Travel Tea Set


I love tea and I love traveling, so I always carry this little tea set with me. It’s cobbled together from a travel tea set I bought on eBay, a custom milled piece of cocobolo wood, and some hand-painted teaware. It’s my one extravagance among my travel kit. It helps me get into a routine no matter where I am and to make tea for friends.


Buy Now$17

Breitling Transocean Unitime


This is the best travelers’ watch in the world because it uniquely combines the best features of both a world time watch and a GMT watch (plus a stopwatch). It shows all twenty-four time zones at once but it also allows for “one click” switches between time zones without messing up the seconds and minutes. I travel most of the year and have friends in different countries, so it’s very useful for me.

Buy Now$6,575

Cryonics Institute Dog Tag


I’m registered with Cryonics Institute to be cryogenically frozen when I die. The idea is that we may currently be able to freeze (actually vitrify) humans with enough fidelity to someday resurrect them back to life using future technology. I figure that the odds are against this actually working, but to me even a 1% chance would be worth it. Based on very few facts, I estimate it at 5-10% likelihood of working.


Buy Now$28,000

13th Century Korean Celadon Bowl with Inlay


I was indifferent to art until I went on an amazing tour of the Met Museum in NYC through a company called Museum Hack. After that I became obsessed and began to collect a few pieces of art. Goryeo Dynasty Celadon is special because the Koreans took Chinese celadon and improved upon it by inlaying other colors of clay to create designs. I like touching this bowl because you’re not allowed to touch things in museums.


Go On a Museum Tour$59

Minaal Daily Bag


I love this backpack because it’s small, looks even smaller than it is, and is extremely high quality and well thought out. It comfortably stores everything I travel with for months on end, looks great doing it, and just feels great to use. I particularly like the full-length zips and the document pocket.

Buy Now$295

Wool and Prince Shirt


Other than my gym shirt, this is the only shirt I own. Not five copies of the same shirt, just one shirt every day. It lasts me about a year that way. Wool is an amazing fiber because it resists odor and stains, dries quickly, and performs well in all climates. Wool and Prince makes the best button down wool shirts.

Buy Now$128

David Choe Art


I became a David Choe fan when I first started watching his Vice show, Thumbs Up. I searched him online and found his art and really liked it. He’s the highest paid living artist because of work he did for Facebook, but I bought this painting right before he started getting a lot of press. It’s called Homeless Millionaire, and I bought it when I was technically homeless, living in my RV.

Shop His Art$Custom


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