Ariel & Lane

Founders of Jack Erwin


Photography by Dondre Green

Designer / Entrepreneur

Two friends on a desperate search for well crafted, honestly priced men’s dress shoes is something Ariel and Lane were unable to find. They knew they could not have possibly been the only two realizing the shoe market was over-stylized and very designed, alongside a price point of $500-$1000 a pair. They came up with the perfect solution: to create their own brand. This is where Jack Erwin comes in. While driven to keep their retail pricing down by cutting out the costly middle man (store space, staff, and standard industry retail markup), they are persistently committed to quality materials and to the labor intensive, age-old craft of fine shoe making.


To stay true to this promise of providing quality products at justified prices, they’ve made it their business to work tirelessly along-side a small, incredible team to sell their products direct to you in the most efficient and effective manner.

Lane: ‘Alexander Hamilton’ by Ron Chernow


I take a book with me most places. It’s a constant reminder to remove myself from a computer screen or cell phone. I really enjoy a good history book. I believe it’s important to understand and respect those who helped form the world we live in today. As we work to build Jack Erwin, I constantly try to learn from those who came before us.

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Lane: Pullover


Nothing beats an old oversized black pullover. This particular piece I found in my Dad’s closet. A good example of how classic style and quality will always endure.

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Lane: Jack Erwin’s Charlie Penny Loafer


The perfect shoe for every occasion. Can be worn dressed up, dressed down, or sans socks during the summer. We designed the shoe with this in mind. Our hope is that people wear it to work and out at night. It’s a great utility shoe. For me, it’s a constant.

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Lane: Scarf


I am always cold. Nothing does more to keep me warm than a great winter scarf.

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Lane: Morgethal Fredericks Glasses


I am an accessories person. Love a great pair of glasses, a great belt, a great coat, a watch and a pair of shoes. Accessories are all that matter.

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Lane: Belt


I have had this belt for a long time. It wears well and will last forever. My job has given me a great appreciation for quality materials. This belt in particular is also very versatile

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Lane: Dries Van Noten Coat


Coats are amazing. The winter months in New York allow me to bring out my favorite outwear. This coat, along with my scarf, pullover and New Era hat complete a typical daily get-up.

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Lane: New Era Hat


I never leave home without a baseball hat (preferably New Era). This is my newest hat. Its simple, clean and perfect.

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Ariel: Shoe Trees


Oddly this was one of the few things I kept from after my grandfather died. Somehow I kept them from apartment to apartment over the years and along the way I started a shoe company.

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Ariel: Reliance Garments Co. Sweatshirt


Reliance Garments Co. Sweatshirt is my traveling staple. Haven’t taken a flight with out this guy in quite sometime. Elongated neck and super long sleeves.

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Ariel: Chuck Taylor Classic Converse


A pair of white Chuck Taylors have been in my life since I was probably 12 or so. Don’t remember a time when they weren’t first or second option for footwear on any given day and get a replacement at least once a year. Nothing they don’t go with.

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Ariel: Moscot Glasses


Just started wearing glasses for the first time 2 years ago. I looked for a long period of time until I landed on the Frankies from Moscot. I’ve got them in three colors and can’t see myself in any other pair. The quality is on point and design is simple and classic with the color ways giving it a bit of an edge for a boring guy like me.

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Ariel: Nike SB Backpack


My Black Nike SB backpack is my work bag, travel bag, overnight back and gym bag all in one. This guy has had my back for a long time!

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Ariel: Prejume Wax


Best hair wax in the game. Period. I use the level 5 but have dabbled with level 7 in the past.
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Ariel: Tiffany Black Onyx Cufflinks


Cufflinks of my grandfather I plan to wear at my upcoming wedding while the matching studs were made into bracelets for my sisters and fiancé. So sentimental value for sure. But I’m also a black onyx fan.

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