Betsy Fore

Professional Dog Lover


Photography by Jon Wheatley

Entrepreneur / Designer / Dog Lover

Betsy Fore is the CEO & founder of Wondermento, which launched in October of 2013. Wondermento develops the WonderWoof BowTie, an on-collar connected device that can be used by dog owners to track their dog’s daily activities, which are forwarded to an app — called WonderWoof.


Before Wondermento, Betsy was working as a toy inventor at Mind Candy in Shoreditch, London, where she built physical products based on Mind Candy’s digital brand, Moshi Monsters. Earlier this year Betsy was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30  list. Betsy has an incredible spirit, admirable personality, and will be inspiring entrepreneurs for years to come. 




Whisky is a little rugged terrier born and raised in England who is still adjusting to being an American boy now. He loves long hikes, massive cuddles and his favorite color is orange.


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WonderWoof BowTie


The WonderWoof BowTie was invented for my dog, Whisky, because he was overweight. Now since using the BowTie he’s been able to maintain a healthy weight which can extend his life up to 2 years. When Whisky wears the BowTie it also tells me in real time if Whisky is sleeping, walking, playing, running, even dreaming. I love staying connected to my furbaby, and making sure he is getting the proper amount of exercise for his size, breed and age.

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At MindCandy in London, I had the joy of working with the number one kid’s digital brand in the UK and turning over 200 little moshlings into collectibles, trading cards, playsets and even toothbrushes!!

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Painted Portraits


For my wedding day on the border of Wales 4 years ago, my brother, the artist Billy Fore created these mini portraits which greeted us at our seats at the dinner that night.


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Uno Cards


This used Deck of Uno cards have travelled to over 20 different countries with my husband and I over the past 5 years. In each new country we play the best out of 20 games and the winner gets to write their country and location on the winning card. Being a toy inventor for almost a decade prior to founding my tech startup, Wondermento, I have played endless games of UNO. It provides hours of fun!!


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Handmade herb infused liquors


These liquors called nalewki in polish are handcrafted by my husband. He carefully selects what produce is in season from all over the world to create these tasty treats! We also cherish the pre-war shot glasses we found in an antique weekend market in Krakow.

Editors Note: Betsy’s husband is taking orders of these if you’re interested. Ships in the U.S.

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Big Ben figure


Having lived in London the past 4 years, I love coming home to Big Ben in my bathroom.

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