Big Cat

Founder, Born A Lion


Photography by Ben Godwin

Skateboarder, Brand Owner, Reality TV Star

Scott Pfaff, AKA “Big Cat” is originally from Akron, Ohio. He started skating at around age 13. At 19 he went to California on a break from college and decided to move to L.A. He flew home, told his parents he was quitting school, and drove out a month later. He then got a call from his cousin Rob Dyrdek who said he was doing a new reality show for MTV called Fantasy Factory. He wanted Scott to be part of it. The show ran for 7 seasons. Today, Scott’s main focus is building his clothing brand, Born A Lion

David Flores painting


I got this painting from David Flores, he’s an artist from LA that I’d known about for a long time because he’d done some pretty iconic skateboard graphics from the era when I first started skating and Los Angeles is covered in amazing murals of his. I ended up meeting David through a friend/ former co-worker and we became friends. He had loaned us some of his paintings to hang around the Fantasy Factory when we started filming the show and this was one of them. Of all of the pieces he loaned us this one always really stood out to me because of the colors and Super Mario on Nintendo 64 was such a rad video game when I was a kid. I told him at one point how much I liked it and he told me I could have it. Definitely one of my favorite possessions.

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Vintage Rolex


This was a gift from my cousin, Rob. I’d never really been the type to wear a watch before I got this thing but now I think they’re pretty interesting. Mechanical watches are like tiny pieces of art, just the fact that something like this can be made that’s small enough to wear on your wrist that keeps basically perfect time and doesn’t need any kind of battery to function is pretty insane. This watch is from the late 1960’s which makes it 20 years older than me. I wear it just about every single day.

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A lot of the items I’ve chosen for this article were gifts, in some cases, this being one of them, I think what’s most interesting about them is who/ where they came from. This board is cool on it’s own for sureThis was given to me by Dana White, president of the UFC. Dana’s a friend and one of his kids skates. This board just showed up in the mail one day with a note that said “Big Cat – I am a huge Bruce Lee fan and I figured you probably are too. Enjoy, – Dana White.” Dana’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and something like this is part of why. He’s one of the busiest people on earth and the fact that something like this even crosses his mind to do is crazy, but that’s how he is.

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Antique Brothel Token


This was another gift. A friend from Nashville works at an antique store, it’s owned by the guy that does that American Pickers TV show or something like that. I’m not sure what time frame this thing is from but I feel like it has to be pretty old if $3 got you all night in a brothel and a bath. I always keep this in my wallet at all times for coin toss situations. Sometimes you’ve just gotta leave a decision up to the coin.

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Grandpa’s hammer


This belonged to my grandfather on my Mother’s side. I spent a ton of time with him as a kid and he had a little wood shop in his basement that I was always messing around in or sitting with him while he worked on something. After he passed away I got a hold of this somehow, just a little sentimental thing to remember him by, plus, everyone needs a hammer.

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Johnny Carson biography


Some of my first memories are of watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with my Dad. I like that era of celebrities because you didn’t know anything about their private lives. Johnny Carson was at the time one of the most famous people in the country if not the world but at the same time you didn’t know anything about him personally which is basically impossible to do today. It’s also interesting to see the contrast between who he was publicly and privately. Like with a lot of comedians he was very different when he wasn’t on stage which is something that’s always been interesting to me. I don’t read anywhere near as much as I’d like to but this book I definitely made a point to read.

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Leather jacket


A leather jacket is one of those things that every man should own. It’s worth buying a nice one because it’s something you’ll have and wear for a long time. That’s kind of how I am in general with buying clothes, I don’t do it very often but when I do I buy nice stuff that I think I’ll wear for a long time. Surface 2 Air is a rad brand out of Paris and they especially make really good leather jackets. I think I used going to one of the MTV VMA shows as my excuse to purchase this. I got it tailored so it fits me really well. I’ve had it for a few years and I’ve definitely already worn it enough to justify buying it.

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Stew. He’s a Mini Fox Terrier. I don’t really think of him as a possession but he’s one of the more interesting things I have in my home. I’m sure every dog owner feels like they’re dog has such a unique personality so maybe I’m just one of those people but he’s a weirdo at least compared to other pets I’ve had. I’ve had him for I think 6 or 7 years now and I spend pretty much all day every day with him. Man’s best friend, as they say.


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