Hermione Way

Journalist & Entrepreneur


Photography by Henry Knock

Entrepreneur / TV Personality / Journalist

Hermione Way is the co-founder of TechDrive and Vibease. She’s appeared on the front of the NY Times and The Sun newspaper and has over seven years experience working in the technology industry. Hermione was even a cast member of the Bravo! TV series, Startups: Silicon Valley. Hermione is the perfect combination of business, personality, and a passionate work ethic.


She currently lives with her daughter Venice, husband Serhan, between San Francisco and London. Hermione is also an angel investor and mentor to other entrepreneurs.

Hermione Way's most interesting possessions & the stories behind each



Vibease is the world’s first smart vibrator bringing fantasies to life with an immersive pleasure experience. I am the co-founder of Vibease and have been working on this startup for over three years. The hardware is a clitoral stimulator that pairs with an iPhone or Android app. The device works in sync with the story so when the story gets more intense so do the vibrations.


I carry it everywhere because you never know who you are going to meet, I met an investor on a train once and whipped our product out for a demo, by the end of the train ride he was seriously interested in investing.

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MacBook Air


I’ve been using Airs’ for about 5 years now, I travel a lot for work, constantly on an aeroplane so the air makes my life easier because it is lightweight and fits into my handbag, plus when you open a mac, the previous screen illuminates straight away so it’s great for being able to work on demand from anywhere.


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iPhone 6


I have almost a million followers online. I video blog my life a lot because I think life is interesting and I like to share my experiences a lot and it’s all from my phone. In terms of features I don’t think the iPhone 6 is much better than the 5, but I always upgrade for video purposes. On Facebook I am an influencer and recently got the Facebook Mentions app where I can do live video – the camera quality on iPhone 6 is great.

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Lonchamps Bag


Pretty much every woman in the world has this handbag – it’s incredibly common, I like it because It’s incredibly practical – I carry a lot in my bag and the materiel is not only lightweight but really strong. I tried a couple of more fashionable bags but the bag itself was really heavy so by the time you added all my crap it weighed me down- you can see there are holes in the bottom of this bag because it has lasted over 5 years!

It fits my MacBook pro and the straps are large enough that it fits over my shoulders so I can multitask.


Another feature I like is the zip is really fluid, when I go into central SF or London and there are crowds of people I get paranoid about someone stealing my wallet or phone, but not with this bag I can quickly zip it up!


I would love a more fashionable bag but I have not found one that combines style with practicality like this one.

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  • Favorite Restaurant: The Battery
  • Favorite Application: Vibease
  • Favorite Bar: DoubleDutch
  • Favorite Drink: Champaign
  • Favorite City: London
  • Favorite Hobby: Kissing My Baby

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