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Jack Archer is the founder and editor of Airows, a publication that showcases a carefully curated, uniquely luxurious lifestyle. Everyday you’ll find a selection of posts about tasteful interiors, automotive nirvana, classic style, wild adventures, beautiful women, must-see films, smart living , and secret travel spots. Jack has a knack for style and class that can be seen throughout Airows.

Tudor Black Bay


As the little brother of Rolex, Tudor can take more chances with their designs because they don’t have as much red tape built into the brand. The end result is some of the most exciting (and quality) timepieces in the game right now. Although the Black Bay might not be as adventurous as say, the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue, I love the black and navy color combination and think the mesh bracelet really upgrades an already impressive look.


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1969 Omega Seamaster Soccer Timer


This is a vintage piece from 1969 that features a chronograph minute sundial marked with a 45-minute indicator, which makes it easier to time soccer halves. Although I’m the furthest thing from a soccer manager or referee, as a fan of the sport, the connection to the game adds some major cool points to the piece. It’s a watch that has aged perfectly with great colors on the dial and is perfectly sized at 38mm. I’ve put an army green cloth strap on the thing and it’s my go-to when wearing anything casual.

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Norton Point Sunglasses


I own two pairs of Persol sunglasses and almost always return to that brand, but these sunglasses from upstart Norton Point have been the only thing I’ve worn over the last few months. They have a great shape and look to them.


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Chess Set


I’ve rediscovered my childhood love for chess and love this amazing set by Clare V that’s perfect for traveling. It’s part denim, part leather, and is a particularly nice companion when poolside or beachside on a nice day.


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Khiel’s Facial Fuel


This stuff is like my coffee—I can’t start the day without it. For face lotion, it’s a little on the pricey side, but once you start using it, you’ll totally understand why. Truly game changing.

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Assouline Books


I’ve been collecting Assouline coffee table books over the last few years and constantly turn to them for inspiration when working on my media company. I leave them all over my home and office and flip through them all the time. My three favorites are In The Spirit Of St. Barths, The Well-Lived Life, and The Bikini Book. Two pages in and you’ll understand the influence they’ve had on my work.

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S’Well water bottle


This thing keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and has a slim and stylish stainless steel body that reminds me of something Apple would design. Can’t recommend it more.

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Audi station wagon


I’ve loved wagons my entire life and think the Audi Allroad is the best of the best. It’s wildly polarizing and I actually like it more because of that. Those who get it, get it. Those who don’t, never will.


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My golf bag


I’m not really huge on being a walking advertisement when out on the course and love finding interesting brands doing stylish stuff for a game that has a history full of it. I have a minimalistic bag from Jones and timeless headcovers from Daphne’s and Stitch. I think the overall look is pretty cool and quite different than whatever you’d find at your average pro shop.

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