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Jessica Comingore, a sophisticated woman of many faces, is devoted to a life of cultivated simplicity. But don’t let the word simplicity fool you; between the creative studio and lifestyle blog she founded, alongside her photography skills and art direction, her talents are anything but simple. Her Instagram lets you take a peek into her world.


While discovering her early interest in interior design, this vision soon grew into curiosity in the ways in which people live – everything from the styling and decor of homes, to the trinkets of what people cherish and the lives they lead. This vision is what inspires much of her work today.

A Pair of Vintage Leather Boots


I found these boots on a trip up to Ojai earlier this summer while hunting for a pair to wear while riding on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle (turns out my sneakers weren’t cutting it). Funnily enough, there was only one pair in the store, they fit like a glove, and the soles say Justin, his name.

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My late uncle’s wooden tripod


My aunt handed this beautiful tripod down to me after my uncle passed a few summers ago, and it reminds me of him every time I see it. He would use it to photograph landscapes out in Wyoming where he lived, and is one of the smartest, most interesting people I’ve ever known.

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Woven Tote


I picked this one up in a vintage store while traveling years back and it serves as a catch-all for most everything I need. I’m a bit of a bag lady, but this one manages to hold up to my grocery shopping, toting things to and from work, and picnicking during the summer months.

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Kurt Vile’s Smoke Ring For My Halo


This was the first new album I ever bought, I loved it that much. It’s truly one of my favorites and the drop-in on the first track, ‘Baby’s Arms’, gets me every time. Just give it a listen.

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A book on branding from the 80’s


I found this book on a visit to Connecticut in a used bookstore tucked away in Hartford. It’s chock-full of incredible identity and packaging projects from the 80’s and endless inspiration when I need to think outside of the box.

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My Pallarés Solsona kitchen knife


This thing is my best friend when I’m in the kitchen. Though small, it is mighty, and perfect for cutting just about everything. I love the patina that develops on the steel blade, too. These are made by a third-generation knife smith in Solsona, Spain and the quality shows.

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Framed Print


This is by one of my favorite photographers that, funnily enough, I discovered through Instagram a few years back. Valeda captures the subtleties and beauty in the everyday and her still lifes speak to me in a way that not many other photos do. This was one of the first images I saw of hers and I immediately fell in love.

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My travel journals


Before Pinterest, and even before blogging, I would keep journals for archiving inspiration — magazine clippings, travel tickets, receipts, sketches — whenever I took a trip. These ones are from three weeks spent studying in Paris during college, and looking back on them always makes me smile. I’m not one for holding on to things, but I have a feeling I’ll be keeping these for a while.

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Muji Planner


I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to organization, and one of my favorite ways to keep things orderly is with a physical planner. While I have my iCal for all of my daily happenings, it’s nice to have things written down in front of you, too. I’ve never found another one so perfectly designed for all of my note-taking needs.

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My Pentax K1000


This was my first film camera and still one of my favorites. It’s so lightweight and easy to use, I love to take it on impromptu weekend trips so I’m not lugging around my SLR and not relying on my iPhone for capturing the moment. There’s something so exciting about getting a roll of film developed, too. You never know what kind of surprises will come through, not to mention it’s a much better way to savor memories.


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