Marc Hemeon

Legendary Designer


Photography by Ben Godwin

Designer / Serial Entrepreneur / Painter / Surfer

Marc Hemeon has had a storied career. Currently he’s Director of Product Design at HODINKEE, where he joined after merging Watchville with the media company. He co-founded Watchville and NORTH TECHNOLOGIES with Kevin Rose.


After leading design at Digg, and then Oakley, in 2011 he co-founded and designed flick, which was acquired by Google. After the acquisition, Marc lead YouTube’s redesign and worked on many of Google’s most popular products. He was involved in Google’s self driving car project, and later became entrepreneur in residence for Google Ventures.


On top of all of this, Marc is an amazing painter, a surfer, family man, and all around nice guy.

Honda Ruckus


It’s not a scooter. It’s a Ruckus. People get this confused all the time. The Ruckus is my main mode of transportation to Whole Foods and my mailbox. You can pick them up on eBay or Craigslist for around $1,600 – it doesn’t really matter what year because they haven’t changed the design in forever. If you’re really serious then you can mod your Ruckus like this guy to make it go super fast, but I’m a purist.

Shop Now$1,600

Art Books by Gerhard Richter


One of my favorite painters of all time. If you haven’t seen his documentary yet you should check it out, stunning work. He has a lifetime of work and I collect books on his art and writing.

Buy Now$30

Custom Built Library With Rolling Ladder


Turns out finding a good rolling ladder is a bit of a challenge. We ended up finding this gem of a company that lets you pick all the wood and finishings for your ladder and rails (beware the form on the site is a nightmare to use). One of our favorite things to do is climb to the very top and then push the bottom super fast to see if we can knock off the person on top. We call it Topple The Pompous King.

The bookshelf is built into the wall – we hired a contractor who is very good. If you live in SoCal give me a shout and I’ll give you his name and number.

Inquire Now$1,300

7′ 6′ Album Ledge


We just got back from surfing in Mexico (a place called The Ranch an hour or so north of zihuatanejo) and I brought this board down hoping we would have some bigger waves, but it only came out one time the entire trip. This board only gets ridden when waves are over double overhead. Matt Parker is the co-founder and head shaper of Album Surfboards and shapes here locally and has a killer shop down in San Clemente. I gave him free reign on the artwork on the board and I was stoked with what he came up with. I ride this board as a quad setup, but can easily be ridden as a single fin. Matt is a good friend and has shaped boards for my whole family.

Buy Now$700+

Climbing shoes and rack


I’ve been really enjoying the La Sportiva Miura shoe with laces. They are making this same shoe now with velcro instead of laces which is cool, but I like the old school feel of laces. I just got back into climbing over the last year after taking almost 12 years off. Got a proper Joshua Tree Rack and some new ropes and have been enjoying climbing regularly again.


Here are the links to the Black Diamond Cams, Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate Carabiner, and the Petzel GriGri.

Buy Now$175

Davinci Paint Brush

I have a ton of paintbrushes, many from Liquitex but my No. 6 Da Vinci is special to me. I hammer this brush when I paint water and somehow it keeps its shape and form no matter how badly I abuse it. I am on my 4th one of these and will continue to use this particular brush for rendering water and flowy objects.

Buy Now$50

BOSE Noise Canceling Headphones


Every designer and artist needs a good pair of headphones. These are by far my favorite headphones for long flights or when I have a loud environment. Super cozy. The only thing that’s a bummer is they have a battery that needs to be recharged every so often. The sound is great and have held up for a number of years! One side note: when I paint I have Sonos in my garage so I can blast music and not worry about having anything on my head.

Buy Now$389

Vintage Camera Collection


These have been collected over the years from the Pasadena Flea Market and the Alameda Swap Meet. You can find them for around $60 to $100 but can usually haggle folks down for them. They all work and one day when I get around to it, I will order some film for these bad boys and shoot photos of something interesting.

Shop Now$60-100

Tudor Pelagos Watch & Hodinkee Strap


This is one of the only mechanical watches that has been able to take the continual abuse of the ocean and surfing. I recently switched it to a Leather Strap (Work Perk) and have been in love with how it wears on my wrist. You can read a review about the 2012 Tudor Pelagos here.

Buy Strap$149 Buy Watch$3,955

Art Table


I love my giant metal industrial art table. This thing is so heavy it took 4 able bodied men to lift it out of my truck and into my studio. I picked this table up from a cool store down here in San Juan Capistrano called RJ Imports and I honestly don’t remember how much it cost. If you’re ever in SJC then I highly recommend you head into RJ and see their curiosities.


Inquire Now$TBD

John Varvatos Leather Jacket


This is my most favorite jacket ever, even over my Patagonia Nano Puff. The leather is sooo soft and breathable – you can wear this jacket with anything and it looks great!

Shop Now$600

Wide Mouth Mason Jars


So the key to a good Mason Jar is WIDE MOUTH. I drink everything out of these babies and I can’t live without them. Someone told me plastic cups are toxic and I just got it in my head to drink out of glass or metal only. I think they look cool too which brings me to my biggest piece of advice for anyone – drink water. Seriously. Most people are super dehydrated and so when they are angry or in a bad mood I feel a good old glass of water would really brighten their spirits.

Editors note: The oil painting behind Marc is for sale on his site for $3,500.

Buy Now$10.39

Peel Case


Minimums didn’t pay me to put this in here. I promise. I have been through about 6 cases and this case by far has been the best. I have dropped my phone a ton with this case and no shattered or scratched screen.

Editors note: Peel is made by the creators of Minimums. We had no clue Marc was a customer until this! Small world.

Buy Now$24.99

Lego Death Star


I got these legos from the Google office in Irvine. We moved offices and there was an internal auction for these pieces and I was lucky enough to win it. I built this shelf so my kiddies wouldn’t be tempted to play with these (then the Lego movie came out and I felt terrible about being the evil president business who suppressed the master builders in my life).

I don’t think Lego sells these anymore – this thing is super fragile and I’m afraid to touch it. I saw one on eBay recently for over $1,000. I also saw the Super Star Destroyer for $899. Go figure. People love Legos!


Rainbow Sandals


I don’t go anywhere without these. This is probably my 7th or 8th pair at this point. I personally prefer the double stuff rainbows for a little extra cushion. They mold perfectly to your feet and are the most well built sandal I’ve ever worn.

Buy Now$29.99



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Quick Fire

  • Favorite Restaurant: Baja Fish Tacos
  • Favorite Application: Slack
  • Favorite Bar: Klondike
  • Favorite Drink: Water
  • Favorite City: New York
  • Favorite Hobby: Surfing

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