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Photography by Ben Godwin

Cat / Friend / Internet Celeb

Nala is the Internet’s favorite feline. While she might have more Facebook and Instagram friends and followers than most of us, she is still a down to Earth cat. Today, Nala has just over 2.2 millions Instagram followers. It all started when her owner, Pookie, visited a local animal Shelter in Northern Los Angeles. While Pookie only had the original intention to browse, the five-month-old Siamese/Tabby cross breed wooed her over by a lick on the face. From their first encounter together, Pookie couldn’t set the kitten down. Excited about the newest member of the family, Pookie started posting pictures of the kitten on Instagram for her friends to see. Likes started pouring in by the thousands. The same cat that once was just another helpless kitten in the shelter is now a beloved animal celebrity.


Don’t let Nala’s lovable eyes fool you, she is not a one trick pony. Pookie has been so inspired by her incidental shelter visit that her and Nala are helping cats all over the country. Together as a team, they work very closely with Kitten Rescue and Focus on Ferals to help save other cats just like her. Each month, Pookie donates 10% of their online merchandise store’s profits to keep rescue efforts going strong. Nala possibly wouldn’t have been the Internet’s favorite cat if it hadn’t been for the gift of adoption. It is very unlikely for cat’s like Nala to squeeze nine lives into one. Keep an eye out for her, she still has plenty of more mice to catch.

Nala Sharkhouse


Who doesn’t want a shark house? I’m not sure what else could be cooler. This is my favorite house because my Mom helped come up with the idea and concept design. Of course there is also the fact that it is a little unusual. Normally a cat would eat fish, and now there is a cat sleeping in a house shaped like a fish. It’s pretty innovative, and as you can see from the multitude of pictures I have posted, my favorite resting spot is that Nala Sharkhouse, with the empty Sprite 12-pack box being a close second.

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Nala Cat Calendar


That scaredy cat in the the second Transformers movie wasn’t kidding. “Kitten Calendar, Kitten Calendar, Kitten Calendar” Nala calendars did great to help raise money for donations to shelters in Los Angeles. I think its time for next years’ calendar shoot. Mom get the camera ready!!!

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Nala Cat Book


Did you know there was a Nala paint book?! Yeah! there were outlines of yours truly, that kids could paint and color their own Nala using their imagination! I secretly wished that all the kids would paint me the way I am, but I am happy that they can use their imagination and artistic sense to paint whatever they want. There was even a fan art competition and a grand prize. It was real exciting and fun, I think its time to set another contest up, what do you think?

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Nala Throw Pillows


Honestly its kind of weird to wake up next to myself. My Mom has a ton of these all over the apartment, and its a little weird. Sometimes when she’s sleeping she is petting the pillow instead of me. There are different versions of the pillow, but I think the most popular one is of me in my sausage pose.

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Modern Cat Magazine


Don’t tell my mom, but I was the one who secretly put in the subscription to ModernCat Magazine, It’s a great source of tips and tricks for cat people. There are plenty of interesting articles and useful d.i.y. sections that subscribers can read. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, I was on the cover of one! I was really excited to be on the cover, and my mom has it framed… it’s really embarrassing.

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I’m not so sure i love this particular product anymore, I remember there was a room full of different size boxes and each would have a different smell, My Mom used to be excited to bring me a new box home, and would give me the box right after she got her new shoes out. Some of them even came with one of my other favorite toys, which is balled up paper.

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Dry chicken treat


These chicken treats are like what beef jerky is to humans, they’re dry and I like to chew on them. Honestly I could eat them all day…my Mom wouldn’t be too happy if i did though. This is one of my favorite teats aside from the Party mix treats that my Mom gets for me. She loves me a lot and buys me different kinds of treats cause she doesn’t want me to get bored with just one, but I love them all.

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Cat Scratcher


I’m not sure if you mean my Mom’s arm, or the thing by the sofa that I scratch all the time, if its the latter then it’s my favorite thing to do right after waking up from a cat nap.

I wake up and it’s like a routine for me, like brushing teeth are to my Mom, it keeps my nails healthy and gives me a good shoulder and back stretch. It just feels good!

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Party Treat Mix


I love these treats the most, once I hear the treats in the bag rattle a little, I come running, no matter what I’m up to. My Mom knows I love these treats and she always has a bag ready for me. There is something about the flavor that is like candy to cats, and on that note… I might be eating a little too much because I had to get my teeth cleaned the other day.

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