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Photography by Oliur Rahman

Designer / Entrepreneur / Photographer / Founder

In 2011 Oliur Rahman launched UltraLinx, an independent UK-based web magazine dedicated to curating high quality content from around the web. They cover topics from technology to design and do in depth hardware and software reviews, usually accompanied with outstanding photography.


A few years on, now the UltraLinx is hugely successful boasting over a million page views per month.


Oliur is also a talented designer and photographer. He has worked with some huge clients including Virgin, Amazon, Sony, Nike, FedEx and Pizza Hut. You can see some of Oliur’s work on his website.

Oliur Rahman's most interesting possessions & the stories behind each

Panasonic GM1

I don’t consider myself a photographer as I don’t make a living from taking pictures but it is a rewarding hobby of mine. I’ve been uploading pictures to my Instagram for a few years now and built quite a following.

Easily the most frequently asked question is what camera I use. I’ve gone through quite a few cameras and started off really cheap when I picked up a used Panasonic GF2 from eBay. Ever since then I’ve stuck with Micro Four Thirds and have upgraded and switched over the years. I’m now using a very small Panasonic GM1 with a 20mm f/1.7 lens. It’s so small that I don’t ever need a camera bag to carry it around, it just fits in my jacket pocket or is stays in my hand. Because it’s so light it’s not a pain at all lugging it around everywhere like a huge DSLR.

So to anyone out there who wants to get into photography but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, get a used Micro Four Thirds camera. You won’t be disappointed.

Buy Now$449

Web Design/Dev Books

I doubt I’d be where I am today if it weren’t for the HTML/CSS book. I had been designing for few years before getting into basic coding but that book transformed me completely. It’s easily the best place to start when you want to get into web design and development.

People always say you should read more books but I actually hate books. This is like only one of the books I’ve ever read because I’ve wanted to. It’s also more like a guide than a book so it’s not boring.

When the Javascript version came out earlier this year I knew I had to get my hands on it. I still haven’t gone through the whole thing yet but I’m getting there slowly.

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I’m not a big fan of huge and expensive watches and never have been. But the when I saw a ZIIIRO watch I knew I had to have one. This one is the Celeste model.

I’ve had it for a few years now and absolutely love it. It’s always a really good conversation starter, lots of people ask about it, especially how it works. Sometimes even I forget how it works. It just looks really cool!

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Davidoff Cool Water

Out of all the colognes I’ve ever tried I always end up going back to Davidoff Cool Water. Choosing a cologne seems to be an art form in itself. Every one has its own combination of ingredients and you have to choose one that matches you as a person – they have their own personalities.

Cool Water is one of the freshest ones out there and oozes class and cleanliness. It’s also timeless considering it was originally released in 1988!

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It’s very difficult to put into words what an amazing game Journey is. I feel like calling it a game is an injustice. You can finish the game in one sitting which may not seem like it’s worth it but most are willing to pay more for watching a movie at the cinema.

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

I play video games quite a lot. I have been since I was very little and out of all of them, Journey is probably my favourite of all time. It’s an experience in itself. It’s super minimalistic, has an amazing sound track and is really relaxing.

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