Sarah & Dan Mirth

Designer Duo at Artifox


Photography by Sarah & Dan Mirth

Designer / Architect / Entrepreneur

Dan and Sarah Mirth are the co-founders of Artifox, a product development team dedicated to reinventing everyday artifacts for the modern world. They’re best known for their flagship product – Desk 01 – which launched to widespread acclaim with features in Hypebeast, Design Milk and Uncrate to name a few. Artifox products have since shipped all over the world.


They’ve been together since they were teenagers, and just recently got married. Dan’s background in industrial & graphic design primed him to be the Creative Director, while Sarah’s architectural training molded her into a design focused entrepreneur, and CEO of Artifox. The Artifox team continues to innovate and is currently working on their next product launch.


Editors note: Dan and Sarah are both very talented photographers, which is why we requested they shoot the feature. We got to hang out with them during the shoot and snap a few behind the scenes pictures that we included at the end.

Sarah & Dan: Desk 01


What can we say about the Artifox Desk 01? It’s our most prized possession and has truly changed our lives. Artifox was born from the need to reinvent everyday things that simply weren’t keeping pace with our modern lives. We created this desk to reflect how people work today -­ tablets and phones dock within the surface, hooks for headphones, cables managed out of sight, writable surface built in, and everything made from the finest local materials.

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Dan: Fuji Bike


Dan: For about 10 years I admired a pair of 80’s Fuji road­ bikes, stashed in Sarah’s parent’s garage. They were hesitant to part with the Fuji’s thinking they’d be ridden occasionally, but the bikes sat collecting dust and saw very little use. Once Sarah’s parent’s moved out to the countryside and realized these narrow road bikes weren’t suited for gravel roads I saw my chance. It didn’t take too much convincing since the tubes and tires were rotted out and most of the gears were locked up. With some TLC and a few replacement parts the little Fuji from Japan rides like a dream.

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Dan: Ball


Dan: It’s not about the ball, it’s more about having one with me. This particular one is used in our office and has helped me think through several design problems. It’s pretty beat up and nothing special as far as soccer / footballs go, but I do love that it’s the classic black and white.


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Dan: VX Sanction Rucksack


Dan: When it comes to something you use everyday it has to look good and be made to last. Mission Workshop bags are just that ­ made in the US with a lifetime warranty. It’s great for daily use as well as traveling with it’s super clean design and perfect amount of pockets. I’ve taken this bag to Hong Kong, Tokyo, China and all over the US. It’s never let me down.

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Dan: Pencil By FiftyThree


Dan: When I got my 1st iPad a few years back, all of the stylus based drawing apps were terrible. 53’s “Paper” app turned that around for me. The app is limited to a few key features and that simplicity is quite freeing. Once they released the Pencil, specifically the walnut, I pretty much stopped using every other drawing app. The material and precision are incredible, while it may not have all the bells and whistles of others it’s become my go­to app for design.

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Sarah: Tiger Fountain Pen


Sarah: I’m somewhat of a pen connoisseur – something my design professors drilled into me. You can’t create without the proper tools and for me this still involves a plain old felt tip pen. The second I started writing with the Plastic Fountain Pen by Craft Design Technology I was hooked. It’s the approachable little brother of your Dad’s classic fountain pen. The unique felt tip is super cool. It’s cut at an angle so you can write in a variety of line-weights an architect and designers dream.

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Sarah: Tom Kundig: Houses


Sarah: I bought this book during architecture school and still love browsing the pages even though it was originally published in 2006. Tom Kundig is a masterful architect with the ultimate attention to detail. Somewhere along the way I introduced Dan to Kundig’s work and he became equally excited. Not only does Tom design beautiful spaces, but crafts each detail to build the most cohesive experience for his clients ­ which is something we strive for at Artifox as well.

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Sarah: Rochelle Sofa


Sarah: This couch is special to me because it’s the first piece of grown up furniture I purchased after college, propelling my love of high quality furnishings. It’s a simple design, but was a major step up from the terrible mauve couch my roommate & I inherited from her parents basement. To this day it’s my favorite spot in the apartment and the place I escape to after working long hours at Artifox.

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Sarah: Large Hobnail Black Cast Iron Teapot


Sarah: Each new place we visit I look for a meaningful item to take home with me. We found this traditional tea pot at the Tsukiji Fish Market on our first trip to Tokyo. It was nestled on the back wall surrounded by lots of other tea pots, but the weight of the black cast iron as well as the subtle detail on an otherwise quiet piece really stood out. I went to the other side of the world and found this treasure for only $60 but later found something similar at teavana…


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Sarah: Heirloom


On graduation day, my grandma gave me this ring which had been passed down to her at her graduation. My grandma is a very impressive lady and is still going strong at age 94. She started her career as a weather person in the Navy then went on to become a doctor in an era where most women didn’t even go to college. She then opened her own practice with my grandfather. It’s because of examples like her, there was never a question in my mind about following my dreams regardless of gender. This ring is special because it’s a symbol of her strength and its impact on my life.

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