Sarah Dubbeldam

Founder & Editor in Chief of Darling Magazine


Photography by Ben Godwin

Founder / Editor / Creative Director

Meet Sarah Dubbeldam, a former L.A. model who managed to turn her fantasy publication, Darling Magazine, into reality. It all started for Sarah while pondering the idea with a friend over a cup of coffee. A few cups later, Sarah and the Darling crew are on their 13th issue, creating a revolutionary publication for mentoring women through the wild twists and turns of young adulthood.


As a former model, Sarah witnessed firsthand media’s damaging illusions of what constitutes beauty. Her observations started a dream for change and ended with a magazine that makes its goal to empower women through intentional discussion, creativity, and encouragement.


Take a peek and find out what item’s keeps Sarah inspired and how she keeps the dynamism of her life and company exquisitely darling.

Chip The Cat


I found this little guy at a local shelter in LA. He was found with his brothers and sisters at 5 weeks old and was quite a mess when I brought him home. Because he was so dependent on us from such a young age, he acts like a tiny human and is the most snuggly little cat I’ve ever had. He also lets you bother him—pick him up, turn him upside down, hold him for hours, etc. etc.

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Ukrainian Cup


My grandmother, Donna is 100% Ukranian and saved this little cup from her mother’s keepsakes when she passed away. I use it as décor in my home and it reminds me of my sweet little 4’9” grandma every time I look at it.


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A Return To Modesty


I found this book right out of college and can honestly say that it was the springboard for the idea of Darling. Author Wendy Shalit takes you on a journey through the women’s liberation movement—the good and the bad that came out of it—and makes a fascinating case for the idea of modesty. No, it’s not about dressing in a sack or not looking pretty, it’s about the mystery and intrigue that women hold and need to learn to value in order to have healthy relationships with men and be represented fairly in culture and media.


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Wool Blanket


For a Darling print photo shoot, Modern Wool created this beautiful, handmade throw blanket for us to wrap around the model for an article about creating a “cozy house.” If you go to her site you can see the process of how she uses the most gigantic wooden knitting needles you’ve ever seen! I’ve received more compliments on this blanket than anything else in my home.

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Black Boots


Last year, my husband and I backpacked around nine countries in Europe via Eurorail. Stockholm fashion is my ultimate favorite and I found these boots in a store called Vagabond. There is a store in New York and some Urban Outfitters carry the brand as well.

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Candle Holder


My husband’s 100% Dutch grandfather is a legitimate inventor. He built five sailing ships in his life, took his kids out of school and with his wife, sailed on one of them from Florida to Maine. Still, at age 85, he continues to paint, invent and build things like pipe organs (yes, he built one from scratch). That said, he is obviously an excellent welder, so he made this candleholder for us for our wedding. Engraved on it is the date of our wedding and a Bible verse that is special to us.

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Gold Bracelets


My husband went to Myanmar to help shoot a documentary film for a company called Fedwell that creates dehydrated food for people in need. He brought me back these gold bracelets from the local gold mart there. Every time I wear them I think of him and how much I love exotic places in the world.

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Rose Water & Argan Oil


I love this soothing distilled rose water toner from Italy! The lightly scented formula was created by the Roberts’ herbalist in 1867. I use it every morning and night on my face because it softens and removes impurities from the skin.


One of my friends owns and runs Woodstock General Store in Hudson, NY. His mother brings this oil back every time she visits their relatives in Morocco—he gave me this bottle and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever used on my hair! It’s only available in the actual store, so I recommend taking a trip to Hudson…

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Maison Pierson hair brushes


In general, I’m a very frugal person who tends to look for a deal, but when several hairstylists told me about this brush that would change my life, I invested the money and bought one. Literally, it’s true that quality beats cheap. I’ve had it for years and it’s the ONLY brush that I’ve ever owned that doesn’t hurt my head when I brush out the tangles!
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Vintage Pentax camera


I decided that I wanted to stop taking 2,000 iphone photos at every event and instead practice the art of actual photography and the restraint it takes to get the right shot, in the right light, at the right angle and etc. It’s truly an art and this camera takes insane pictures. Yes, the film costs a bit and the developing is around $9 a roll, but now I have physical pictures in an album that document my year! (Available on Craiglist and other sites—you definitely have to search!)

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