Scott Carey

The Chemist of Coffee


Photography by R.J. Hartbeck

Owner + Coffee Roaster at SUMP Coffee

Scott Carey is owner and roaster at SUMP Coffee, a St. Louis coffee shop known for its perfect pour-over and slow brew methods. It’s a place where you get few options, and one size offering, but it’s all by design. It’s even Jack Dorsey’s favorite STL coffee spot.


In a former life, Scott graduated with a masters in Chemistry and Law from UC-Berkely, and proceeded to climb the corporate ladder in Manhattan. He wore suits and practiced patent law.


After his brother was diagnosed with cancer, Scott returned to St. Louis to be with him. His brother was a craftsman, making things with his hands for a living – Scott decided he wanted to do the same. Shortly after Scott bought the building SUMP is now located in, his brother died. Scott went on to renovate the entire building in his brothers honor, all using his brother’s tools.


You can find Scott with his signature beard, perfecting his craft at SUMP Coffee in St. Louis, MO.

V60 Dripper Hario 02


We use this device to brew all the drip/filter coffee in the shop. It’s a perfect compromise between brew time and cup clarity. We try and capture more of the bright, fruit notes in the coffee when we roast and this device helps us do that without removing too much body of the coffee or making people wait too long.

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Pink Cup


I love this demitasse because of it’s femininity. The coffee shop and brand are very masculine. This cup -although small, provides a beautiful and equal counterweight to that masculinity.


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A doorway to worlds. It can be used to highlight one’s vanity -by traveling to places that highlight one’s personal myths about themselves -whether it be about wealth and status, adventure, or philanthropy. Or it can be used to develop empathy about other people, their values, and perspectives so as to contextualize your own life and experiences. Or as a work tool, like for traveling to source coffee. It’s a lens, that magnifies an experience. It’s like seeing a picture of the Grand Canyon versus seeing the Grand Canyon -the magnification that takes place is often beyond words. My passport is that lens.


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Grandfather’s watch


This watch was actually given to my grandfather on his retirement after a lifetime of service. It’s gold colored. It reminds me of several things. There are sometimes foundations for cliche’s. The era of spending one’s life with a single company are past. How easily a 30 year relationship can be summed up into a simple iconic material object. Although no longer telling time, it whispers to me “time is waning -do something important, quickly.”

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Takahiro kettle


This is the cadillac of kettles. Not many seams in the build -fewer seams in the construction means less heat loss. The gooseneck shape on this kettle is like a smooth accelerator pedal -it’s very easy to control the flow rate of the water, you can slow it down to a mere flutter or jump on it and achieve escape velocity. Very precise and control pour action.

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Acaia Scale


Monitor weight, time and flow rate. Ultra-fast 20ms response time and a 10th of a gram sensitivity. And there’s an app for it, so it syncs with your smart phone allowing you to do lots of post brew analysis as well as share your recipes via social media.


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Moby Dick


Existential crisis before it was coined. Foundational questions of why am I here, what am I doing, what’s my purpose, what should I be passionate about? And the anxiety and dread those feeling produce. It also, highlights the dangers of personal myopia and mania. American fiction as boundless adventure and naked brutality. Its prose soothes angst, while clearly pointing it out.


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Simonelli Clima Pro Grinder


This grinder works at maintaining a constant temperature for the burrs that grind the coffee. This is good, because as the grinder sees more use the burrs heat up and expand -as they expand they ‘move’ closer together producing a slightly finer particle size than when the grinder was set up initially. When this happens the extraction changes, thus the flavor of the espresso changes. Usually leading to the need to make adjustments on the grinder. However, when the demand slackens the burrs contract slightly and then changes have to be made all over again. This grinder has an element that heats the burrs in an effort to keep them at a constant temperature and then when it exceeds that temperature range it has a heat sink that works to wick off that excess heat. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty awesome.

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