Seth Andrew Silver

Ink Addict


Photography by Benjamin Godwin

Art Professor / Model

Bikes, blades and an excellent selection of tats, Seth Andrew Silver is one badass that you should be following on Instagram (@sir_ndrewsilver) if you aren’t already. His rugged yet polished look and lifestyle he displays throughout his account makes it a no brainer as to why he attracts the kind of crowd he does.”Seeing is forgetting what you are looking at” is his rule he lives by as an artist. In the video below, we had the honor of capturing him in a different light that is sometimes shadowed with his tattoos, memories and character which will always be a part of him.

“The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques 5th Edition” by Ralph Mayer


There are many forms of bibles out there and frankly when it comes to the word on the “what’s” and “whys” for media and processes, this is mine. I have long referenced this must have book for all my questions regarding what I’m using to create with and the various ways of use. Every artist should have a copy laying around to help solve creative problems.

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Jaw bone of a Sea Lion and I believe a vertebrae of a Dolphin


I’m somewhat a collector of curiosities. I found these bones on a long walk washed up on the beach at El Capitan in Santa Barbara. That walk, and those bones were found while I was in the process of finding myself and major life changes soon followed.

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La Paloma Pin-Up Painting 2010


This is a piece of art of my own making, that is very near and dear to my heart. I did a series of Pin-ups, 10 in total, that revolved around the concept of the desirable pinup being equivalent to the lust to be in places one is fond of. The La Paloma Theatre is a vintage venue for films and shows in my hometown of Encinitas, CA, in north county San Diego. I’m proud of my killer little surf town, which has grown up now, that I hail from.

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Danner Boots


I bought these bad boys at the antique market at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA. I’m always on the hunt for a good deal and killer finds. My boots were well broken in with a nice patina all their own. To me these solid boots embody a spirit of hard work, craftsmanship, and perseverance. These are the qualities I’d like to believe I strive for in life.

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CRKT Knife


Every man should always have a good knife at the ready. This awesome piece is a part of my daily wardrobe and gets its fair share of action. It is built to last and for function. This is not for fad, it’s a lifestyle.

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The Great Frog Wreath Ring


This beautiful hunk of metal, with its superior make and style, caught my eye a few years back when it came time to choose a symbol of my ‘Til Death Do Us Part” love. My wedding ring has a skull-n-crossbones surrounded by a wreath, uniquely represents both commitment and winning in one of life’s most complex and rich experiences, TRUE LOVE.

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