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Meet Tuna, the dog with the world’s biggest smile. Tuna, a Chihuahua-Dachsund, became an internet favorite with his adorably pronounced overbite and unusually shriveled neck. Today his Instagram account has over 1.5 million followers. The unique looking pup didn’t always start out on top. A rescue group in San diego found the 4 month old puppy abandoned on the side of the road. They transported him up to LA where he was being shown for adoption at a local farmers market. There’s where Courtney first met him and fell in love.


Shortly after Tuna’s adoption someone anonymously posted one of his pictures on Reddit.com, which generated a lot of buzz. A few days later, Instagram posted a #weeklyfluff feature of him on their personal Instagram page which is how he initially garnered his following. Tuna became a celebrity overnight. The little guy has appeared on the TODAY show, Anderson Cooper and Inside Edition. But, Tuna’s story isn’t about a few memes and Instagram likes. His story of friendship and redemption relays to the rest of world the power of pet adoption.


His website, Tuna Melts My Heart, has set up a shop where fans can purchase merchandise including iPhone cases, T-shirts and mugs, all branded with his one-of-a-kind face. A portion of the proceeds goes to the a variety of animal rescue organizations. At the end of the day, Tuna is a pup with an overbite as big as his heart and a role model to all potential adoptee pets out there.



Colin (favorite toy)


I’m sure that every adult can recall what their first toy was as a child. Well, Tuna’s is a mini-Colin doll from Monster Factory. Don’t let “Monster” fool you because they are the furthest thing from scary.


They are simply adorable little “monsters” with classic and hilarious names and they come in a variety of characters and sizes. Even though the toys are intended for humans, they have proven to be Tuna’s favorite toy over and over again. He’s on his fourth Colin and he loves them all equally.

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Ruby Rufus Cashmere Sweater


Ruby Rufus Isaacs is an exceptionally talented fashion designer who specializes in creating beautifully designed 100% cashmere dog sweaters and snoods. That may sound over the top, but they are the most delicious and comfortable apparel ever and Tuna really appreciates them since he is a chilly short-haired Chiweenie. Plus, they are so stylish and washable! Ruby contacted me last winter to see if we could collaborate on a design, and together we created the Ruby Rufus for Tunameltsmyheart Sweater.

Since supporting Animal Rescue organizations is so important to the both of us, she gives back 10% of her sales from the Tuna sweater to benefit Dog’s Trust in the UK.

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Tuna Melts My Heart Book


Last summer a division of Penguin|Randomhouse offered me a book deal to publish a story about Tuna. Since I had complete creative freedom with this project, I decided to write a 15-chapter story about the day in the life of Tuna that included over 100 new photographs and witty captions. The Tuna book is available at most retailers within the United States in paperback, and in the United Kingdom as a hardback. Either version is available to order online, with the option to ship anywhere internationally. It’s a fun and light-hearted story that was written to give you an inside look into Tuna’s daily activities and into our special relationship. I hope you receive a ton of joy and laughter as you read it.

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Tuna Melts My Heart 2016 Calendar


Since 2014, I have created a Tuna Melts My Heart calendar per the request of his followers. Each year I have done something different with his photos. This year’s will be one of my favorites because there will be some guest appearances in it. The calendar is a fun way to see Tuna’s cute face, each day for an entire year. What’s not to love about that? Plus, a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting a variety of animal rescue groups around the US.

Coming Soon Late Oct$20.00



This is by far one of Tuna’s favorite products! Think BirchBox but for dogs. When Tuna’s BarkBox arrives to our door every month, it has a different curation of products and each box comes filled with high quality treats and toys! Furthermore, the company as a whole is fantastic! They are constantly giving back in a variety of ways to different shelters and rescue groups throughout the US. Not only do they give away a percentage of proceeds from their subscriptions plans to support rescue organizations, but they also raise awareness and financial support through other initiatives like a Dollar a Dog and Dogs Best Day! They’re an amazing company!

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There are so many great options for dog collars and leashes out there, and while they are mostly functional, not all of them are fashionable. A few years ago at a meet-and-greet for Tuna, the owner and creator of Yark introduced herself to me and I fell in love with her as a person and with her product. She designs and executes super stylish and high quality collar and leashes, and all Yark product is made in the USA with premium leathers and unique hardware. Tuna’s favorite is the Tillman camo leash and collar which is a part of Yark’s new collection.

Buy Now$75+

WagAware Charm


I have nothing but praises for this company! Wagware is the only charm that saves dogs’ lives and when you or your dog wears a WagAware Charm, you encourage the adoption of dogs in need of loving homes. Plus, WagAware donates an unprecedented 50% of its profits by rotating between a variety shelters, rescue groups and animal welfare charities. We have been huge supporters of them since the beginning because of the awareness and financial support given by them to rescue groups. Plus the charms are washable and glow in the dark! And for all you cat lovers out there, a cute cate-faced CatAware charm will be available in the coming months!


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Sherpa Original Deluxe Airplane bag


I travel all of the time and Tuna insists on coming with me everywhere I go! Since that’s the case, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, he travels comfortably in his Sherpa airplane bag. It’s the medium size and even though small, he enjoys being in it. In fact, I use it even when I’m not traveling on planes because he loves being in it. I call it his safety blanket.

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Tuna was gifted this yummy plush faux-fur bag at a charity event last October by one of his amazing followers and he absolutely adores it! He’s constantly crawling into it to keep himself warm, and we call it his snuggie because he stays snuggled up inside it for hours. Since it’s portable and lightweight, we take it with us everywhere we go! I’m not exactly sure where she got it, but if you google BuddhaBag for dogs, I’m sure you’ll be able to locate it somewhere!

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